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‘If you want to throw shit, do it with me’: Mono Sanchez’s Yamira Reyna defense after criticism



The footballer referenced comments received by communicators on social networks after rumors circulated about the alleged settlement despite the tumultuous break.

On March 8, TV host Yamira Reyna shared a powerful insight on her social network: Various users will criticize her for her reconciliation with soccer player Diego “Mono” Sanchez.

This is why the athlete also wanted to mention the comments the communicator received on social networks. Sanchez even called for him to be the focus of the comments .

In this way I would like to tell all toxic people and if they have life. Anyone who believes they have the right to give us an “opinion” or some “advice” (which we have never asked and will never ask): Don’t make such a big deal or pretend you have a perfect life. ” he wrote the input.

“These toxic people have a very bad life and you would think they’d want to see them just like everyone else, but they’re not. They really don’t know what’s going on between Yamira and me. And they don’t even need to know. ”

“I ask everyone who lives a perfect life. If you want to comment, criticize, or throw shit, do it with me Not with Yamira,” he pointed out.

He was convinced that this was because “I have no problem dealing with that type of people.”

Stories on social networks of Diego Sanchez.
Instagram capture.

Yamira Reyna’s Defense Against Criticism

On Wednesday afternoon, Reyna shared a video, saying, “The last time they criticized me. If you end the relationship and come back, why are you coming back?”

“I’ve never sold anything. I’m me. SToday with my faults, my flaws, and my great virtues of being a wonderful woman,” she said at the time.

In that branch he called it “My decisions have nothing to do with the way you criticize me it is my own life and you are not involved in my life, so your way of judging me.

it’s my decision, my happiness, or my choice That’s my problem, not yours. Learn to respect each other. The biggest criticism I’ve heard is from women to me, from women’s women. Let me give you an example,” he concludes.

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