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Jordi Castell is haunted by Jane Goodall’s photo on Instagram: ‘Esther’ who is her supposed neighbor



Jordi Castell published a photo on his Instagram account of a woman he said was “Esther,” a neighbor he met while in the United States in 2016, but due to a wave of comments, memes, the photographer has Post deleted and ridiculed. The woman in the image turned out to be Jane Goodall, a renowned scientist and environmental advocate.

Strange or possibly misunderstood post from Jordi Castell On social networks he generated a wave of memes and ridicule as the photographer uploaded an image of the famous scientist Jane Goodall claimed she was a friend of his called ‘Esther’ .

According to a former face of CHV, the woman was a neighbor in America, which no one on the internet believed. Finally, the photo was removed from her TV+ panelist account.

His bizarre post by Jordi Castell and Jane Goodall (“Esther”)

In honor of Ladies Day, Jordi Castell On his official Instagram account, he uploaded a photo of a gray-haired woman with wrinkles on her face and bags under her eyes that show her age.

“Esther was my next-door neighbor when I lived in Chicago. After a few winks, we formed the most precious friendship we have to this day,” said a driver who was in the US in 2016. post says.

“A survivor of concentration camps and the Holocaust, over the years he developed a particular way of combining spirit and energy with a life worthy of man,” he continued.

Admiration for the woman continued on social networks: “I feel fortunate to always be connected to her as a wise and generous woman with her power. Jordi Castel was ridiculed for Twitter photo addressing Jane Goodall .

Who is Jane Goodall?

of A meme against Castell indicated As to where the original image came from, it was actually taken from Pinterest and was about 88-year-old famous British animal behaviorist Jane Goodall.

The scientist has revolutionized her field of research since 1960 with her innovative methods and fascinating discoveries about the behavior of wild chimpanzees in Gombe, Tanzania. Foundation website it bears his name.

The environmentalist is also a United Nations Messenger of Peace, has produced dozens of documentaries, and played a role in one episode of The Simpsons.

Meanwhile, the photo Uploaded by Jane Goodall and Jordi Castell removed from him Instagram account.

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