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Radio plays of the Ars program once again noticed at international festivals



The radio plays Pod oblakom jezero and Ko lastovke jokajo were shortlisted for the Radio Drama Festival

At the end of the month, the ninth International Radio Drama Festival will take place in Canterbury, where two radio plays produced by the Editorial Board of Drama will be presented.

Among the hundred submitted plays, the radio play Pod oblakom jezero and the short radio play When Swallows Are Crying were shortlisted.

Text by a young Slovenian playwright Evelin Bizjak A lake under a cloud is a story about growing up and the eternal search for peace with oneself – even if only for a moment. The author said about her work: “During the writing, I explored the experience of modern atomized life, in which there are no reliable points of reference due to fragile interpersonal relationships, so the individual has to search for meaning and conclusions on their own, and these searches sometimes lead to self-destructive solutions.” Through a fragmentary confessional form, the listener follows the growth of the protagonist Tju, who, from her first childhood playing with colors to exhausted adulthood, struggles with herself, her decisions, as well as guilt. The play was directed by a female director Maša Pelkoand it was interpreted by drama actresses Tina Vrbnjak, Iva Babić, Nina Ivanishin and a dramatic actor Klemen Janežič.

A short radio play When swallows cry however, it is part of a longer dramatic text by a South African playwright Mike van Graanwhich reveals the complexities of the dialogue between a humanitarian volunteer from Canada and a South African soldier (Saša Tabakovic) of territorial composition guarding the Canadian as a prisoner. Humanitarian Charles in interpretation Aljaž Jovanović uses his actions to atone for the controversial actions of his wealthy father, but his fate remains uncertain until the end. Short radio play directed Spele Kravogel it reflects the absurdity of the relationship between the developed Western world, where capital is accumulated, and the poorest parts of the world, where local people, powerless against large corporations, take justice into their own hands.

Aljaž Jovanović plays the role of humanitarian Charles in the short radio play When the Swallows Scream, who tries to atone for the controversial actions of his wealthy father.  Photo: MMC RTV SLO/ Miloš Ojdanić

This year’s UK International Radio Drama Festival, with this year’s thematic title “The Floor of Heaven”, will be held in a hybrid format this year, so participants will be able to access the program remotely. We remind you that the Slovenian representatives were already successful at the first edition of the festival in 2015: then the recipient of the first prize was a radio play Hilda the author Marie NDiayewhich he directed Alen Jelen.

Source: Rtvslo

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