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‘I didn’t care about my life’: Cara Delevingne and the photos that led to addiction rehab



The actress assured that these photos were taken after attending Burning Man.

Model and actress Cara Delevingne referred to a controversial photo of her in September 2022 after she was seen acting out of the ordinary. The images were a “reality check” that made him decide to rehabilitate himself.

the image spread around the world Seeing myself barefoot, disheveled, disheveled at the airport in addition to engaging in behavior that many denounced as typical of the drug’s effects.

in a conversation with trendDelevigne says that those images are “An overwhelming source of shame and embarrassment” besides the fact that it became the wake-up call he needed to become aware of his substance use problems.

Specifically, Delevingne had just returned from the Burning Man event and was in for a sprawling 30-year celebration. “i wasn’t sleeping It was not good” confessed.

“Because my heart aches i thought i was having fun but I realized I didn’t look good,” he admitted to the media. “Sometimes you need a reality check. In a way, these photos were something to be grateful for,” he added after a pause.

the story behind the photo

Throughout her life, according to the model, she began having alcohol and drug problems at an early age. He had his first hangover when he was seven years old.

But after my grandmother passed away at the end of April 2022, everything started to spiral out of control. unable to mourn himself, he took refuge in overwork In August 2022, we decided to celebrate our 30th anniversary on a grand scale.

“There was a need for change, but I was going through a lot. He welcomed this new age, but he was sad. It was like a funeral for a previous life, a farewell to an era.after that I decided to have fun as much as I could. This is the end,” he said.

But when he went to Burning Man, everything got worse. I didn’t care about my life .

As such, his family cares about what he is going through, Began preparations to intervene with Carla but the viral image came forward.

After the image, Delevingne said: Her friends supported her and many reached out to her So I can inspire her to continue.

“This time, I realized that the 12-step method of treatment was the best. “The opposite of addiction is connection and I really found it in 12 steps,” he said.

Also, Delevingne said: spent Christmas and New Years sober with his girlfriend Leah Mason said, “We had a great time,” and today, she practices meditation and yoga twice a day in her daily routine.

“I still have a lot of energy,” she said. I’m calm I’m quiet ”

Source: Biobiochile

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