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Mega and billionaires reach agreement after cameraman unfair dismissal lawsuit



Nearly two months after the episode in which José Miguel Viñuela cut his hair live and in person on the morning show Mucho Gusto, the channel did not renew the contracts of the affected workers, leading him to dismiss them for unfair dismissal. and demanded $600 million.Mega and José Miranda agreed to pay $10 million in court that day. From the defense, they say this will allow the station to admit their mistake.

This Friday, March 10th, Megha signed a judicial agreement with photographer Jose Miranda, whose haircut José Miguel Viñuela had live sued the channel after it did not renew its professional contract.

The worker was removed from duty in August 2021, about two months after an incident with then-driver Mucho Gusto. Now the TV station has to pay more than P10 million to the victim he claimed in the lawsuit, totaling P600 million.

Megha has to pay over $10 million to photographers who suffered Vinuela’s haircut

At the Second Labor Court in Metropolitan Santiago, an agreement was reached Judicial agreement between TV channel Mega and cameraman José Miranda received a live haircut in the morning of Mucho Gusto, in the hands of then-animator José Miguel Viñuela.

The hearing focused on mediation, ending the dispute between the parties after the workers demanded unfair dismissal set at an amount of P10,750,000 million.

“Today, I have completed a very painful and unrewarding phase of my life. Photographer Jose Miranda After the public hearing. “I think justice has been done. These abuses and violations recognized today should set a precedent for when other mega workers can be abused,” he added.

According to plaintiffs’ attorney Cecilia Toro, the dismissal of her client was “retaliation for the allegations.” Jose Miguel Vinuela According to her, this is ratified by agreement.

For his part, for worker painter and labor lawyer Gabriel Acuna, “this is only an implicit recognition that José has actually suffered a violation of his basic rights as a worker. Otherwise, the TV station would not have succumbed to such an agreement. ”.

Did Mega Aware of Infringement?

while defending Live haircuts live and in person at mega morning photographer asserts that accepting the billionaire agreement is a way of acknowledging fault, but the channel declined to comment on the ruling.

However, in the same court document, the TV station said the agreement: Respond to how to meet the judge’s demands that payments are made with respect to what the law requires;

Source: Biobiochile

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