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Before the Oscars: Who are the favorites and which affair excited the public right before the award ceremony



Could Michelle Yeoh’s words sway the vote in this year’s fiercest battle

Not a week goes by without some kind of film award being presented somewhere in the world, but the awards that will be presented this weekend are very special, the most prestigious and the most desired. It’s the Oscars, of course, and the 95th Golden Globe Awards are upon us.

The favorite with the most nominations is the film Everything everywhere at once creative duo Dana Kwan and Daniel Scheinert, who entered the world of film by directing music videos. In their second feature, they interweaved a music video marathon, comedy, martial arts and a surreal sci-fi environment and combined it with family drama sequels and established actors.

The film is nominated in 11 categories and has the best chance of becoming the most awarded film of the ceremony. If we check the state of the bookmakers, which can be discerned from the media records, it will most likely be crowned with the title of the best film of the year, and the golden statuette for direction should also go to the director. She was supposed to go on stage to receive the award for the original screenplay. Of course, the Daniels, as they are called, cannot yet rejoice in the victory, because the great Steven Spielberg, a member of the Hollywood aristocracy, as some call him, is also competing in these categories with his partially autobiographical film The Fabelmans. They can surprise in the main categories of best film, director and screenplay Souls of the island Martin McDonaghthe same applies to Elvis Luhrmann base in the best film category.

Cate Blanchett played another critically acclaimed role, this time as the antagonist, renowned conductor and composer Lydia Tár, accused of molestation.  which Photo: Kinodvor

Victory is almost certain Ke Huy Quan in the Best Supporting Actor category. She also has a supporting female role Everything everywhere at once odds of winning, as two actresses from the film, Hollywood veterans, are nominated in this category Jamie Lee Curtisfor which the role of the obnoxious tax inspector is – somewhat surprisingly – only her first Oscar nomination, and Stephanie Hsuwho portrays the main character’s daughter in the film Evelyn Wang.

And Evelyn Wang the game Michelle Yeoh, another veteran without an Oscar nomination—until now, when she’s not only nominated, but the favorite. This is especially true after the American Players Guild Awards, where she won Cate Blanchett and her outstanding acting creation in a psychological drama Tár Todd Field. It is necessary to take into account the fact that the actors’ guild is the most numerous among the members of the academy, but of course it is possible that the actors voted differently, as far as the Oscars are concerned.

Blanchett is for the role in Taru already won a bunch of awards this year, including in Venice, a BAFTA and a Golden Globe and a whole bunch of critical awards, but it seems that the cast and creative team of the movie Everything at once is more popular with viewers. This is also shown by the data on the box office earnings of the two films: Everything everywhere at once he is a $100 million+ earner while he is Tár had somewhat greater success in European cinemas, but not in the US; worldwide, it earned five times less than the cinematic multiverse of the Daniels.

Writer and director Todd Field ranks slightly worse than the lead actress from the film. Tár is nominated in the most prestigious categories of Best Picture, Original Screenplay and Director, but is not considered a favorite in any of the categories. It should be noted that Everywhere at once celebrated at the so-called “big four” housing awards in the United States, while Cate Blanchett and Michelle Yeoh handed out the Golden Globes, Blanchett for best lead actress in a drama, Yeoh in a comedy.

It’s on the other side Tár remained one of only seven films to win a trio of prizes from the Los Angeles, New York and American national film critics, and it also won at the London film critics in the categories of best film, director and leading actress, which is otherwise not particularly relevant when voting by the American Academy. which has already ended and its results will be revealed on Sunday evening.

Nothing has been decided about the supporting actresses; he still has a better chance of winning the prize Kerry Condon from The soul of the island and her teammates Colin Farrell for the main Barry Keoghan and Brendan Gleeson for supporting roles. Despite the announced victory and excellent performance Ke Huy Quan from Everything everywhere at once it is Barry Keoghan superbly played the village freak and is a favorite in the eyes of many. Souls of the island are nominated for a total of nine statuettes and are the second biggest favorite of this year’s award.

In international films, a co-production Netflix film is expected to win Nothing new in the west; and in the category of the best feature-length animated film, Netflix will most likely celebrate as well A pin Guillermo del Torro. I should add that there is a film competing in the documentary category A house made of reedswhich we will be able to see in Slovenia even before the Oscars, namely at the Documentary Film Festival in Cankarjev dom in Ljubljana.

With his role as Elvis, Austin Butler is considered the favorite in the best actor category.  Photo: Reuters

He is nominated for best actor Austin Butler in the role of Elvis and is considered the favorite, but nothing has been decided yet, because there are no less great competitors Colin Farrell and Paul Mescal in the movie After the sun and Brendan Fraser with a role in the film Whale and Bill Nighy with a role in the film To live and all of them are still without the most elite trophy.

In the introduction to the article, we mentioned the scandal. Michelle Yeoh took care of it just before the end of the voting by the members of the American Film Academy, when she shared an article from Vogue magazine on her official profile on one of the social networks, in which they wrote that non-white actresses had not received an Oscar for many years, and generally significantly worse represented among the nominees and award recipients, and that Cate Blanchett already has two golden statuettes at home and therefore does not necessarily need a third one. What nonsense! After some public uproar and speculation of a rule violation, Yeoh retracted the post, but it remained on the record – an interesting coincidence, since something similar happened right in the film Tár, when the main character (or anti-heroine?) wants to destroy the evidence of her own indecencies, but today everything remains recorded and stored, even if memory may be misleading. Whether this affair will have any influence on the course of voting in this year’s fiercest battle – that for the best actress – we will find out, as said, on the night from Sunday to Monday.

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