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Beyond The Last of Us?: Pedro Pascal Appears in Certain Commercials for Mobile Games



The actor was part of a viral commercial for a mobile application known for delivering a popular story full of mystery despite the simplicity of the game.

Post-apocalyptic worlds, galaxy tours, billionaire enthusiasts hiring Nicolas Cage, participating in interviews, and more. Chilean actor Pedro Pascal seems to be at the peak of his career and continues to appear in more and more projects.

So, this Friday, he was once again in the spotlight of fans with a particular video showing the new role he’s played, this time for a mobile game commercial. merge mansion.

It is a game that remodels an abandoned house by connecting the same things little by little. Despite the simplicity of its purpose, the delivery gained popularity due to its particular “advertising” and promises. A mysterious story about family secrets.

Specifically, it was positioned in the collective imagination by bizarre advertisements. The main characters are seen in dramatic and interesting scenarios before possible mysteries.

Pascal appeared in a short video to match the atmosphere of the advertisement. As a detective investigating grandma’s famous secret is always seen being arrested.

“I don’t even know where to start” , stating that Pascal in the detective’s office is noticeably upset about the case. “On the surface, we have this perfectly normal family,” he adds.

Similarly, another character, a woman, can be seen giving a podcast about the incident, in reference to the gameplay, saying, “No bodies, no evidence. Just… lots of knives. I assure you there is.

“Everything points to my grandmother,” commented Pascal, One of the game’s most famous scenes takes place with a real-life character.

When I asked the interpreter, “What is the old woman hiding?”, an elderly woman was seen entering a police patrol after being arrested. Shocked by that fact, his granddaughter runs to the car and puts her hand on her window.

The old woman smiles and does the same on the other side. However, her granddaughter finds the old woman’s message in her palm, which surprises her. “he is alive” .

“Like a twisted game” Pascal exits to close the ad.

A short video caught the attention of the star’s thousands of fans Last of Uswhere some They joked about the game’s budget. Others have pointed out that this is why Chileans download the application.

Source: Biobiochile

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