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‘I was traumatized’: Diana Borocco says she was sexually harassed when she was 15 by a 60-year-old man.



The former mega cheerleader recounted an episode of sexual harassment she experienced as an adolescent when an older adult touched her on public streets without consent.

in the new chapter of we can talkTV personality Diana Borocco He talked about an episode of sexual harassment during adolescence.

former conductor of Challenger Unfortunately, he told the show it was a situation he experienced repeatedly every time he took public transport. “Every day on the bus, a man touched me with his parts.”

But there was a defining episode for her that happened when she was 15 or 16 years old.I was walking around town with my mom And – several times, and because I think many people will equate – Grab ”.

“This is especially It was super traumatic because there was something like a pinch It sucks to normalize but it’s true, it’s happened to me many times. I was very young, I must have been 15-16, and a grown man, even 60 or older, literally reached out to me.” clearly.

“I used to wear skirts like this, but apart from the nasty embarrassed to tell my mother “he added.

About this, he was sure that he even felt guilty when he talked about it with his mother: “I remember being embarrassed to tell my mother that I had done something wrong.” he attributed it to the mentality that society had at the time that “you didn’t talk about this and no one supported you.”

For this, Diana Borocco appreciated the willingness to speak up and talk about these sexual harassment situations because it is “not normal” for the current generation to be victims of sexual harassment. .

Source: Biobiochile

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