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Titi Influencers and Tito as Drivers: Changes and Memes Left Behind by the Return of ‘Married Children’



Mega’s successful sitcom ‘Married with Children’ is back on Chilean television after a 15-year hiatus.

This Friday, after a 15-year hiatus, the sitcom “married with children” It returned to megascreens with its original cast in prime time.

Fernando Larrain, Javiera Contador, Dayana Amigo, Fernando Godoy, Carmen Gloria Breskey, Marshall Tagle They reunited with memorable characters in a story that described the passage of time in its plot.

Tito is already far from a shoe store (Nacho worked in a shoe store instead of him), now the Larrain patriarch makes a living as a traffic application driver, and Titi is an ‘influencer’ on social networks. doing the same thing as

The first episode of the new season shows Kena, Marcia, and Titi spending a day at the spa, while Tito and Nacho meet Lucho’s fiancée (Jaime Omenyaka) on the spot at a shoe store and fall in love with their youngest son. caused another disappointment in la line.

In the plot, after being left alone at home, Tito decides to make plans with Lucho. This is immediately communicated to Marcia by Pablo despite his explicit request in this regard.

This Friday night’s rerun of ‘Married with Kids’ became a hot topic among local Twitter users during the broadcast.

Check here for some of the reactions and memes left behind by the premiere of Episode 1 of the series, which was scheduled for Episode 2 this Sunday at 10:30 PM.

Source: Biobiochile

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