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Roger Daltrey will be able to drive a steam train for his appearance at the Festival of Old Fashioned Transport



In addition to The Who, there will also be an Elvis Presley impersonator

The legendary rock band The Who will play a concert at the Old Fashioned Transport Festival in Buckinghamshire. In exchange for the high-profile main point of the festival, singer Roger Daltrey will be able to get behind the wheel of a steam locomotive.

The British tabloid The Sun wrote that it is “Roger a big fan of model railways.” When he heard that the organizers of the festival were looking for a main musical point it is not hesitated and offered to fill the place with The Who. “But he had a special request, he wanted to be behind the wheel of a steam locomotive once that weekend, which would fulfill his dream,” they also wrote at The Sun. In addition to the legendary band, an impersonator of the king of rock and roll will provide musical entertainment at the festival Elvis Presley.

Music will not be the only attraction of the festival National Transportation Trust Vintage Transportation Festival. Visitors will be able to ride a 110-year-old steam locomotive, which will start its journey from the Victorian railway station. There will also be steam tractors, antique military vehicles, craft workshops, sellers of antiques and used parts, and an amusement park.

In July, the iconic band will play nine more concerts around Great Britain, and at each of the performances they will be accompanied by a large orchestra. “We haven’t toured the UK for six years. At this point in ours career, we can also play in places that are not standard concert venues. We can also visit places that we haven’t been to for years, which is something very special for me.” Daltrey said.

Source: Rtvslo

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