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Grace Van Dien turns down more and more roles because of sexual harassment



She will focus on her career on Twitch

Stranger Things star Grace Van Dien told fans she was sexually harassed on the set of one of her latest movies while playing video games on Twitch. The producer’s invitation to a threesome is said to have shocked her.

A 26-year-old actress who most people know as a cheerleader Chrissy Cunningham in the series Stranger Thingsis while playing the game Valorant told fans on the biggest video game streaming site Twitch that she has become much more selective about her role choices. “On some past projects you I didn’t feel good around people with which I participated in,” Van Dien said.

She mentioned a specific incident with to the producers: “During the filming of one of the past films, the producer also hired an actress, with which he was sleeping at the time. He told herinvite me along,” said the actress, adding: “It’s my boss, so I declined, and then I cried, I was so shaken.” She also said yes you currently focusing on her career at platforms Twitchbecause you there she can decide for herself, with who participates and you he talks.

In one of the posts on Twitter, she wrote that they are you her priorities changed: “As I get older, you my work priorities are changing. I am waiting for the right project involving the right people with which I would like to work with.” Before breaking into Stranger Things she is the daughter of an actor by Casper Van Dein (Starship Troopers) played in series The Village and Greenhouse Academy and in movies V for Vengeance and What Come Around.

Source: Rtvslo

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