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‘Now we’re very friends’: Pamela Diaz declassified anecdotes with cops at police station



Pamela Diaz revealed an anecdote on Podemos Hablar about being helped by a police officer in a rather unusual situation.

it all started after Jean-Philippe Cretton Diaz stepped forward when asked who among those in attendance had used or abused his status as a celebrity.

“I went to Barrio Italia to eat at a restaurant, but I don’t like walking.

“The problem is that on that day I said ‘I don’t want to walk’ and suddenly found a space I couldn’t park in, and I parked,” he added. “But I was part of the Carabineros, so I had a lot of respect.” was counted.

That’s how La Fiera ended up parking in a spot specifically allotted for uniformed agencies. Jean Philippe During that time he was the co-pilot.

“Wait a minute, don’t tell Jean-Philippe, and then you called the general,” joked Borocco, alluding to the controversy caused by Jorge Valdivia’s call to deputy Maite Orsini. .

“I parked my car and said, ‘I’m going to do one thing right, a very decent thing.'” I go and knock on the door and say: “Hello Mr Carabinello mosquito? Look, I parked my car there, but this is my phone, can I write it down? ” was counted.

“Look, I’m not going to move the car, so if they find they need to occupy your parking lot, call me on the phone and we’ll move the car there,” he said. Said.

“It is cool”

To everyone’s surprise, the communicator said authorities granted her permission even though they asked her to move the vehicle slightly.

“This is still an abuse of power,” replied José Miguel Viñuela, to which deputy Andrés Solis replied: “That’s cool.”

“The officer behaved at me. He said it wasn’t appropriate, but he said he was going to keep my phone for anything,” Diaz replied.

“I left the car and gave him my phone. Now we are very friends,” he said. “If they attack me, I’ll talk to them, but they’re not attacking me,” he concludes, unleashing laughter from the attendees.

Source: Biobiochile

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