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Florence Pugh: “I have never chosen a film role that I was not afraid to play”



In addition to her, Morgan Freeman plays the main role in the film

“It’s no secret that I only choose very intense roles,” Florence Pugh said after the premiere of director Zach Braff’s A Good Person, in which she plays an opioid addict dealing with grief after a fatal car accident.

“It’s not the first time I’ve cried in almost every scene I’ve been in. I like to find the ugliness in people. I like to be raw. I like to get a script where I challenge myself and I’ve never chosen a film role, no to be afraid” sums up her words Variety.

Pugh said of screenwriter and director Braff, with whom she was in a romantic relationship for several years: “Zach is someone who knew me, knew my potential and wanted to work with me. I think it would be weird if he wrote a Nancy Meyers-esque thing and said, ‘So … you’re not going to cry in this movie.’ I would hardly believe that.” The actress said Braff is aware of her interest in dark themes on the big screen: “I don’t think that’s a bad thing. I think if anything it means he believed I could do it.”

She participates in the film not only as an actress, but also as a producer, and they also act alongside her Morgan Freeman, Molly Shannon, Celeste O’Connor, Zoe Lister-Jones and Chinase Ears.

The film was shot in Braff’s hometown of New Jersey. “When we moved in, Florence felt like she was in a Nancy Meyers movie,” Braff said, adding that the project was because of the intense subject matter “incredibly emotionally taxing for Florence”.

Zach Braff.  Photo: AP

“I wanted to write something for Florence and it kind of came out of me,” said Braff, who made a splash with the 2004 film The state of indentationbut he is also known for his starring role in the TV series Young doctors (Scrubs). “I’m sure about hers extraordinary talent. It’s like being with the most amazing violinist in the world and you’re going to write to him a song, of course you won’t write something that is simple. You’re going to write something that’s going to take everyone over, because you know they can do it.”

Pugh also stars in a feature film Oppenheimerwhich is the latest movie Christopher Nolan o To J. Robert Oppenheimer, to the father of the nuclear bomb. She will appear in the film The Packnew psychological thrillerwhich will be directed by the actor Alexander Skarsgård. Other projects in the making include e.g Puss and Boots: The Last Wish and Netflix East of One.

Recently, she has had leading roles in films The Wonder and Don’t worry, love. She will also return to the Marvel Universe, reprising her role as Jelena Belova in the film Thunder Bolts. In this film made by the director Jake Schreierwill join a large cast that includes Harrison Ford, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, David Harbour and Sebastian Stan.

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