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‘Everything got colored…’: Cretton and his painful complications for not following post-vasectomy instructions



Jean-Philip Cretton has revealed that he developed complications after having a vasectomy.

in a new chapter of the program we can talk shared entertainers Diana Borocco, Jose Miguet Vinuela, Pamela Diaz, Andres Celis an example of Cretton telling what happened to him after surgery.

As he explained, it all started just before entering the pavilion. “I was lying down and everything was fine and he said to me (the doctor), ‘Please remember Jean-Philippe that you have 7 days of sexual abstinence after surgery.

“And I said to him, ‘Oh, I thought it was like seven, thirty. Come on, no problem, let’s go.’ he added.

After the surgery was successfully completed, he called his partner, Diaz, to let him know that he was leaving the hospital.

“Ready, impulsive. About two hours later, I said to him, Perfect, Pame’s coming to look for us, and we’re going home bam!” , hinted at having had a sexual relationship once in his home.

“Same day?” asked a startled Viñuela, to which Cretton replied, “We just arrived from the clinic.”

“The next day…… Adjutant (Celise), There are things that only God has seen. So the question,” he explained, referring to the fact that inflammation had occurred.

“Everything is colored…”

“I had to come to do I Am. Charlie, the director, says to me: ‘What’s wrong, dude?’ I told him, “I have some problems.” “By a vasectomy?”, he added, “yes, the operation is complicated.”

“Everything is colored… Night, night color. Also, as the days went on, it got louder and louder,” he stressed.

It was there that Pamela confirmed what Cretton was counting. “I thought something serious was going to happen to him, so I said, ‘Call your doctor and tell the truth.’ I didn’t want to tell the truth,” she said.

“You guys are not. Please take care of yourself.” Jean Philippe concluded.

Source: Biobiochile

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