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All Eurovision performers are known: finally, a former winner



Now she is also showing her best at the bookies

Loreen, who is no stranger to Eurovision fame, won the Swedish Eurovision Song Contest with the song Tattoo. She swept away the competition a decade ago, with the song Euphoria. All Eurovision performers are also familiar with the Swedish selection.

Loreen is with the song Euphoria she won in 2012, and the bookies are predicting her best ranking this year as well. Otherwise, the current percentages should be interpreted with a grain of salt, as the official confirmation of the Swedish representative’s appearance at Eurovision is also reflected in the bookies, and in the following weeks the projections will almost certainly change.

When will the Eurovision show be?
First semi-final: May 9. Second semi-final: May 11. Final: May 13

The 39-year-old told the BBC that she was barely persuaded to try again, starting with a performance at the Swedish Eurovision Song Contest Melodifestivalen even refused. “They asked me, and I said that it won’t happen,” Loreen said, adding that they had been persuading her for four weeks. “I was thinking about what else I could say and give to the Eurovision audience,” asked the singer, adding that she is much calmer now and will try to have more fun this time.

Sweden and Portugal were the last countries without a representative until Saturday, but now all 37 performers are known after three countries canceled their participation in Liverpool due to rising costs.

Sweden is the best at bookmakers, Slovenia is in 29th place
1. Sweden – 38%2. Finland – 14%3. Ukraine – 14%4. Norway – 5%5. Czech Republic – 3%6. United Kingdom – 3%7. Spain – 2%8. Austria – 2%9. Israel – 2%10. France – 2%11. Georgia – 2%12. Italy – 1%13. Armenia – 1%14. Switzerland – 1%15. Serbia – 1%16. Croatia – 1%17. Moldova – 1%18. Netherlands – 1%19. Australia – 1%20. Germany – less than 1%21. Azerbaijan – less than 1%22. Estonia – less than 1%23. Poland – less than 1%24. Iceland – less than 1%25. Ireland – less than 1%26. Portugal – less than 1%27. Cyprus – less than 1%28. Denmark – less than 1%29. Slovenia – less than 1%30. Greece – less than 1%31. Malta – less than 1%32. Lithuania – less than 1%33. Belgium – less than 1%34. Latvia – less than 1%35. San Marino – less than 1%36. Romania – less than 1%37. Albania – less than 1%

Source: Rtvslo

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