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Find and Meet: The story behind the dictatorship-era informal adoption series “Adopted”



The series tells the stories of various Chileans who have been adopted in Europe and their quest to find the truth and reunite with their biological families.

“They separated us. They came looking for us. They put us on the plane. Little by little they taught us the truth: we came from a distant place. It is one of the phrases used in the trailer of “. Adopted by: The Missing Storyto test what we will see in his documentary series.

The program, which will premiere on tvN on March 12, Various accounts of over 20,000 illegal adoptions abroad during Augusto Pinochet’s dictatorship People who were once separated children from their biological families are trying to rediscover their roots.

“The series took almost three years, but its origins occur about four or five years ago,” he says. BioBio Chile Series director Christian Leighton Colonia Dignidad: German sect of Chile again leggings.

“We were doing another series my chilean familyHowever, in Italy, There were 500 people born in Chile and adopted by Italian families.” Remember.

Therefore, along with the production, “When we started investigating, we found that these phenomena were reproduced in various countries and cities in Europe. Basically corresponds to the stage that was in the 80’s in Chile where a European family adopted a Chilean, ”he continues.

Thus, between the question of language, in which most of his research was conducted in English and French, and the task of obtaining Adults want to share their stories everything was in shape.

adoption It details the history of babies and children left for adoption in European countries such as France, Italy, Sweden and Germany. Some want to be reunited with their families, Others are found only at the start of the search.

Between Sweet and Sour: Seeking a Reunion

Between frustration and resilience, I was even able to accompany some families on this first reunion both online and face-to-face.

“I was very impressed with the adopted police officer in Sweden. He was able to meet his birth mother. ” Leighton, without revealing many details in his words, points out:

“He was very responsive to asking the[adoptive]family for understanding. try to understand him to get closer to his biological mother, who has a family in Sweden,” he said, also pointing out the inner problems of some of the characters.

“These meetings were very difficult in terms of language, not only did we recognize each other, Adopter has completed part of the story It’s very powerful on a human level,” recalls the director.

Still, he assures: Those are the things that happen when a person starts a journey. ” .

In Layton’s words, each of these children’s story is “a personal wound” and “each story has an end”. It’s not just about finding a father, mother and family but to find out what’s going on and why they’re looking”.

“Also, without being found, Swedish women persevere, keep going, keep exploring and it impressed me: his tenacity,” he recalls briefly, pointing to another, quite different case.

It also tells the story of Margarita, who lives in Italy. And that, unlike many of his compatriots, She was abandoned by her biological family and ended up on the streets.

Margarita had no idea how long she had been homeless, so she ended up living with an Italian family. “Today she is a psychologist, Advice on the adoption process in Italy” Layton says.

In it, she points out, “I have a very strong sense of self-reflection about sharing my experiences with other adoptees and adopted children.”

“and it is Children won’t stop being adopted It’s because of maladaptation. There’s a gap in your childhood history, so there’s something genetic that makes you fuss,” he recalls.

A similar line can be heard in a preview of the series, where one of the adoptees said, “I was about four years old, and that’s when the first questions started, more or less. why am i different Why do I have different skin colors? .

Reflection on irregular adoption

However, it’s not all about biological family, it’s Leighton He never ceases to think of a French family who committed certain crimes with their daughter.

“I have some adoptive parents who have made an impression on me. Assuming the mistake he made explanation.

According to his description, the man “i feel like they hurt you so much And none of the parents are aware of it.

One of those mistakes, he says, was denying his daughter’s story. “He speaks Spanish and his wife knows it and they say they spoke the language, but between them they decided that speaking in Spanish was theirs alone. rice field.Or they shared a language with her.” mentioned.

Adopted by: The Missing Story will debut on the screen of TVN Saturday the 12th, 10:30 p.m. The series has six chapters of him airing each week.

Regarding these investigations, Leighton affirms: Carry on with the feeling that this is only the first part of something bigger “There are a lot of edges, for example, in addition to the fact that the main character, who begins to investigate his roots, has no idea what is going to happen next. Can you find them? I don’t know,” he concluded.

Source: Biobiochile

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