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What surprises will Oscar nominees bring to us?



The Oscars is the most important ceremony of the year for cinema, showcasing the best cinematic art of 2022, with some surprises from independent films, some new faces and pleasant surprises.

This Sunday, the awards ceremony for Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences , better known as Oscar. The ceremony celebrates cinematic achievements and is the highest honor bestowed on the 7th art.

The 95th Annual Ceremony will be attended by the actors, actresses, directors and production teams from each of the nominated films. This time, among the candidates New name and other surprises can mark this award.

though it still exists Criticism of low candidate representation and diversitywhich could make a difference this year in important categories like Best Actress and Best Supporting Actor.

Favorite Oscar production

“Everything Simultaneously” Favorite with a total of 11 nominations. Directed by Daniel Kwan and Daniel Scheinert, the film has received a total of 336 awards to date, out of a total of 355 nominations during the current awards season. IMDb.

Winning the ceremony made it one of the iconic films of independent cinema and earned the best movie statuette.

The blockbuster will also make another appearance at the Oscars.Avatar: Path of Water ” and “Top Gun: Maverick which competes in the Best Film, Sound and Visual Effects categories.

record the history of the actress

Michelle Yeohmain character “all at the same time everywhere ‘ is one of the favorites to win Best Actress. achieve a statuette, Could be the first Asian woman to win this category.

Although the competition is tough. Cate Blanchett after a performance attar ‘ emerges as one of the favorites to win the award for the second time in this category, after her role in ‘Blue Jasmine’. please remember.

For Best Supporting Actress, Angela Bassett may become first winner of the Oscars for acting in the history of the Marvel Cinematic Universe for her role as Queen Ramonda in ‘Black Panther: Wakanda Forever’.

on the other hand, Awards competition looks complicatedgiven that kelly condom “Spirits of the Island” wins a British Academy Award Jamie Lee Curtis “Everything Everywhere at the Same Time” went to SAG and Bassett won a Golden Globe Award and a Critics Choice Award.

Oscar-nominated new face

In the Best Actor category, Austin Butler has attracted attention for its depiction of Elvis Presley has won significant awards such as the BAFTA for best actor.

The actor who got the love of the public Brendan Fraser earned her her first nomination for her performance.”whale ”. The actor returned to the big screen, revived his career in Hollywood.

Also pay attention to the main character. “Island Spirits” “, Colin Farrell competing to win a statuette for his lead role in a Martin McDonagh film.

Who is not left out of this group Paul Mescal ]Will be the first starring.after sun“He got his first Oscar nomination when he was just 27.

The name sounds like a favorite in the Best Supporting Actor category. Ke Huy Quan for his role inall at the same time everywhere ”.By winning the award, Quan second asian actor Get the statuettes in this category.

Ke Huy Quan on All Places Simultaneously

acclaimed artist in music

Following his performance at the 2023 Super Bowl, Rihanna is trending again and is a prime contender for Best Original Song. “Lift Me Up” from “Black Panther Wakanda Forever” ,Competing lady gaga in charge of the central theme “Hold My Hand” from “Top Gun Maverick” .

In front of world-famous artists, the song “natu natu “From an Indian epic film”RRRthe winner in that category Golden Globes and Critics’ Choice Awards .

The song that will be unveiled at this Sunday’s ceremony has the potential to win an award. Precedent in the history of Indian cinema.

In the soundtrack category, the composer John Williams is seeking its sixth award for participation in the music of “”favermans By Steven Spielberg. At age 91, Williams, who has been nominated for his 53rd Oscar, Most Nominated Survivor in Awards History , surpassing walt disney (59 nominations).

Jimmy Kimmel Become the host of this Ceremony No. 95, which will be held in Dolby® Theater It takes place in Hollywood and is broadcast live on ABC in over 200 countries around the world.

In Chile you can see TNT and to streaming services HBO Max From 22 hours.

Source: Biobiochile

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