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Shakira’s son Milan announced a worldwide hit with Bizarrap



Shakira turned love disappointment into incredible success. Extraordinary hit in tandem with DJ Bizarrap, Bzrp music sessions Vol. 53 broke fourteen world records, became the world number one and the anthem of many women around the world.

A star Shakira is after breaking up with a former Barcelona footballer Gerard Pique wrote a song that became one of the biggest hits of the previous year. Together with a DJ and a music producer Gonzalo Condebetter known as Bizarrap, recorded a track known as Bzrp music sessions Vol. 53 and immediately won the hearts of fans. The song took first place on the world charts and broke fourteen Guinness World Records.

In a conversation with Jimmy Fallon in the show The Tonight Show she said that she has to thank her son Milan, who is a Bizarrap fan, for the success of the song. “He told me I had to work with Biza, he predicted the song would be number one in the charts if I did,” she said, adding that the nine-year-old even sent a voicemail to her manager asking her to make arrangements.

Conde also wanted to collaborate for a long time, but admitted that he didn’t know how to find contact with the star of Shakira’s love. “When our track with the Spaniard Quevedo became world number one, it was the right time to finally send her a message,” he said, adding that the Colombian woman did not answer him for two whole months. When the star finally read the message, she showed it to her son Milan, who called Bizarrapa an Argentine deity.

The star also confided in Fallon that the producer played her two possible bases for the song, but only one made her hips move: “If the song is right, my body reacts with a kind of spasm, my hips start to move.” She also liked the track because it had some dark content that reminded her of her favorite band, Depeche Mode. Apparently the hips really “they don’t lie”.

Source: Rtvslo

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