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Ross Bankers make big comeback with new song, historic show at Santa Laura Stadium



After a nine-year hiatus, Los Bunkers are back in full swing playing the first show of their “Come Here” tour.

Over 34,000 people testified at Santa Laura Stadium last night, bunker After 9 years of hiatus. The promise of her second date at the same Independencia venue this Sunday also provided the ideal backdrop for the release of new music. “king” made its live debut as one of the pearls of the recently launched ‘Ven Aquí’ tour.

opening number of Kankamsa DJ set with Marcelo Aldunate They were a preview of Penquista’s big show and already after 6pm they explained their high turnout around the stadium.

After the great chorus of “El baile de los que sobran” and “Todos juntos” (attended by the spokesperson) Camila Vallejo Public, among others), the presentation started at 9:02 PM in a particular way. Salisbury Hill The lyrics of Peter Gabriel playing on the loudspeakers were translated and read on stageside screens.

Ross Bankers make big comeback with new song, historic show at Santa Laura Stadium
Ignacio Orego | Photo ceded

After a tribute to ex Genesis, the quintet broke into the first three songs of the night. “Lie to him” “Get dressed and go out” and beatler “I planted my love sadness in your garden” last year was full of festivities and adrenaline among attendees, who sold out all tickets to the sporting venues in less than a day.

“Santiago of Chile” and “Who Was” , the last two songs of the album Música Libre marked one of the group’s first era milestones on the spot. So it shows how they knew how to bring his repertoire, one of their greatest artistic influences, to new generations across Latin America.song of Silvio Rodriguez sung in unison last night by the band’s children and youth fans. “This song is dedicated to those who are giving a concert for the first time.” ,wrap up Francisco Durand to check for new sap before presenting “Clouds hang over me” .

rear “What I changed and left for you” Here comes an earlier presentation by lead vocalist Durán and Lopez, which recalls the legendary Los Pricioneros concert at the National Stadium “No need to think” is one of the few non-single collection songs heard in Santa Lola.

“[The song]is dedicated to all young people, an invitation to define an identity that suits you without thinking about what other people might say,” he said. Mauricio Durán Before the night’s big surprise: The live debut of the collective’s first new song in a decade, “Rey,” was released on digital platforms minutes later, including a studio version and a video clip.

“Ending Angel” “Phobia Cure” “Debt” both accompanied by effective supporting visuals (pop art in the first and the graphic tone of the “barrio estacion” in the second), was superseded by “There is no same thing” “The life of a dog” an already extended, distorted, psychedelic version of “Now without you” just like before. “speed of light” He closed the set before changing locations.

“Little Daytime Serenade” (attached “Exiles from the South” ), In addition to “Detainee” and “If you think bad of me” was heard in the acoustic version, five people gathered on stage tie, Mauricio Basalto Playing reggero bass drum.

Return to the main platform, “Yesterday and Today’s Animation Fantasy” (his first hit), “Poor Heart”, “Nothing New Under the Sun” One of the many hymns of the night, “Song for Tomorrow” (where various close-ups of anonymous, sometimes tearful gazes were projected onto two background screens) already marked the conclusion of the show, the most bombastic and sophisticated Los Angeles in its 24-year history. It was the Bunkers.

cheering choir “Don’t talk about your pain” “Dance alone” (in the middle of the Esplanade again with a danceable electronic ending) and “come here” , the Nationals applauded before their first comeback.the reunion is “in my arms” but the peak moment came at the electrical coupling between “Fool” and “It rains in the city” followed by a few seconds of complete silence by more than 34,000 in attendance.

“no” , a song already coveted by audiences, quickly crystallized one of the quintet’s classic postcards. Choreographed by Alvaro López striking his Basualto cymbals in celebration, like the first recital of “Canción de Lejos”.

By the time Los Bunkers returned for their second encore, many had already left. “What’s the matter, children? Do you want to go home?” asked the quietest of the five. Gonzalo Lopez For the last goodbye, I remain reserved “Time gives birth to the heart” is number 32 in a 2 hour and 50 minute show with penquista lyrics in the great history of Chilean music.

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