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The track from the cult series almost destroyed the band that wrote it



The incredible success of the Friends series and the subsequent song I’ll Be There For You almost destroyed the duo The Rembrandts, who could not deal with possible complaints from fans and the fear that a famous song would be the only thing that would define them for the rest of their career.

Song I’ll be there for you of The group Rembrandts is one of the most recognizable opening credits in television history. No wonder, as she spun before every episode of the cult series Friendswhich is the second most watched of all time, just behind the iconic ones The Simpsons. It would be expected that the duo who wrote the song would have experienced eternal fame, but this is far from the case.

Danny Wilde and Phil Solem they even broke up after the release of the song, because due to the popularity of the series, they were in doubt that their listeners would still take them seriously. In the beginning, they did not want to work with the producers of the series, because they were afraid that the fans would think that they had sold out. “In the beginning, our band’s name wasn’t even mentioned in the credits,” said Wilde in one of the statements.

After it was clear that the series would be a success, the duo shot a video together with the main actors. “When people saw that we played the song, it kind of ruined our image. Instead of playing in clubs and bars, we played at afternoon shows where parents brought their children,” adds Wilde. Otherwise, the duo later found their way together again and now have no problems playing at various themed parties. “If people are paying to hear something you’re proud of, why not?”

Source: Rtvslo

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