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Francini Amaral on “Aquí se baila”: “For many years I confined myself to one dance style”



Dancer Franchini Amaral joins the stars of Canal 13 next week, along with Chantal Gayoso (duo with Matthias Falcon) and Zagara Salazar (duo with Bastian Retamar).

A new participant joins the ranks “Dance here” from next Tuesday.It’s about a ballerina Franchini Amaral accompanied by David Sáez, will enter the competition together with those already announced Chantal Gayoso (Duo with Matthias Falcon) Zagara Salazar (with Bastian Retamal).

Note that the Brazilian was trained in classical ballet from the age of eight in Curitiba. When she decided to devote herself to ballet in her teenage years, she received criticism from those around her. axe .

“I had to leave my ballet career when I was asked to join Axe Baia. It was my family matter at the time, but I had an intuition that my destiny lay outside of Brazil,” he commented.

“And then, three months later, a boom that no one expected came along and changed my life. went. It’s like a movie.” Remember.

More than 20 years after Chile’s ax craze, members of the historic Axé Bahía continue to tour with their colleagues. “I never stopped dancing, but over the last few years I’ve become more associated with fun dancing and axe. For years, I locked myself into his one dance style.” admits Amaral, who records passages of the program. “Dance Fever” From 2011.

According to him, since then he has had many offers to appear on TV dance shows again. Last year they gave us the first season of “Aquí se bahía”, while I was producing the 20th anniversary of Axé Bahía. It’s like a son to me. Fortunately, this time it worked. “Because things will calm down a bit more in March,” he points out.

“Many times I thought about going back to classical ballet. I feel like there was a wound that never healed. I left something behind, but I still love you, like a boyfriend.” Either way, I don’t think I’ll be dancing in these styles in my lifetime, the technique will never be the same and it takes patience that I don’t have,” she adds.

Source: Biobiochile

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