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Mexican film legend Ignacio Lopez Tarzo dies at 98



“You were one of the most important actors in our country,” said Alejandra Frausto, head of the Mexican Ministry of Culture.

mexican actor Ignacio Lopez Tarso remembered for his characters in legendary films of Aztec cinema such as “Macario” and “Paper Man” died this week at the age of 98 after being rushed to hospital with pneumonia and an intestinal obstruction.

Due to this health condition, the interpreter was hospitalized and received intermediate treatment, but his condition was reported as “not serious.”

“Dear Ignacio López Tarzo, you are one of our country’s most important actors, and your incredible talent and passion in a career spanning seven decades will leave an indelible mark on the performing arts, cinema and television of Mexico. Dear teacher, may you rest in peace,” Alejandra Frausto, head of the Mexican Ministry of Culture, wrote in a message on social networks after the death was announced last Saturday.

In addition to the aforementioned films, the actor has stood out in films such as 1964’s “Golden Rooster” and “The Wasted Life of Pito Perez” 1969 marked his long professional career.

Born in Mexico City on January 15, 1925, Lopez Tarzo has always had a passion for acting in film, theater, and television, but was forced to retire when health problems and the coronavirus pandemic hit. I just stopped working.

Two years ago, Lopez, who turned 96, was ready to return directly to the stage. For that reason, he was in the process of physical rehabilitation, reported his son Juan his Ignacio his Aranda.

“The pandemic has kept us sedentary and the play ‘Life in the Theater’ is very demanding and neither my father nor I are in shape to do it,” Aranda told the media.

In “una vida en el teatro”, father and son talked about the lives of established actors and uncertain future actors. In it, the frustrations, dreams, and personal feelings of the characters are exposed through theater.

The play celebrates the 70-year career of one of Mexico’s most important actors, López Tarzo, who has made more than 50 films and produced countless plays and television shows during his career. I was.

The Ministry of Culture of the Government of Mexico deeply mourns the death of Ignacio López Tarzo, “One of Mexico’s greatest actors. .

In theatre, the first actors did more than 100 productions. “Oedipus the King” “Hippolytus” “Macbeth” “Othello” “King Lear” “The Stingy Boy” “Cyrano de Bergerac” “Dracula” “The Twelve Warriors” out of dozens of works.

In 2007, he won the ‘Ariel de Oro’ for his film career and also won the 2015 National Award for Science and Arts.

Source: Biobiochile

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