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‘Argentina, 1985’ actress Gina Mastronicola: ‘I had to follow Ricardo Darín’



This Sunday, “Argentina, 1985” will compete for the Oscar for Best International Film. If they win, it will be his third statuette for the Trans-Andean country.

this year, “Argentina, 1985” is one of the candidates for oscar award Best International Film Award. If won, it would be his third statuette for the Trans-Andean Country, after 1986’s La historia oficial and 2010’s El secreto de sus ojos.

movie, starring Ricardo Darling shows the history of the prosecutor Julio Strassella,famous Trial to Commission Where the commander-in-chief of the Argentine dictatorship was accused.

His daughter is personified by a young actress Gina Mastronicola who did you talk to wireless After attending a casting he learned about on Instagram, he had to dig deep into this historic episode for the role he got.

“There’s something my generation didn’t get, and that’s all the data about the Junta trials, because in education here, there’s a lot of talk about things that have to do with dictatorships and things like that. But It doesn’t work.” Far away. Or at least it never occurred to me that they told me so much about the trial, ”he recalled in dialogue with La Radio in Buenos Aires.

Expectations are not small in the trans-Andean capital. In the streets of the city, the support of Lionel Messi for his victory in his World Cup last year, wishes and himself.

Before ‘Argentina, 1985’, Veronica Strassella’s interpreter had experience working on the children’s film ‘The Weirdest Girl in the World’, but it wasn’t until Santiago Strasella that her jump to the amazing cast was complete. It was a mitre movie.

In this film, the actress had to shoot scenes with one of the most famous actors in Argentina and Latin America, known for titles such as ‘The Secret in their Eyes’ and ‘Nine Queens’. bottom.

“First, I couldn’t believe it, and then I thought that if I was going to be working with Ricardo Darin, I would have to live up to that. What he went through together. Alejandra Flechner And all the actors at that level gave us a lot of information,” he said.

“How they function, how they relate to the rest of the team, what they look like, their hours, everything I could on set I soaked up like a sponge. Really very fulfilling. It was an amazing experience and being there was an opportunity I couldn’t pass up,” he admitted.

Acclaimed by international critics, the film has been acquired by Prime Video for its worldwide exhibition and is already available. Among the awards already won, the Golden Globe Award for Best Foreign Language Film stands out.

“It’s a little over two hours movie, but it keeps you going, and it just keeps going. There are some comedies and everyday situations that capture the masses without having to be concerned with just that period of history or politics.” says Gina Mastronicola.

The Oscars ceremony will take place this Sunday, March 12th at the Dolby Theater in Los Angeles, California. The film’s director, some producers, Darin, and actor Peter Lanzani will be in attendance.

“The rest of the cast aren’t going. Mainly because the two main guys are going, so they’re going to represent us and send all the information from there to here, so we’re not going to comment.” I’m waiting for someone to give me,” he said.

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