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Noble comedy All for free! All for free! the big winner of the 31st Days of Comedy



Announcement of the winners of the Days of Comedy festival in the Celje Theatre

The jury of Comedy Days chose Vesna Pernarčič and Jurija Zrnec as noble comedian and comedian. The noble director is Ajda Valcl. The noble comedy selected by the jury is the play Vse zastenj! All for free!, and the Great Dictator as chosen by the audience.

The award winners were announced tonight at the Celje Theater at the end of the 31st Comedy Days festival.

A noble comedian Jurij Zrnec told STA that he sees the award as recognition for his good work and the work of the entire team. But he is glad that the whole performance is The great dictator performed by SNG Drama Ljubljana, winner as chosen by the audience.

Zrnec is, according to the jury, which included a female director Alena Kraigherplaywright Evelin Bizjak and the director Tin Grabnar, used the potential of the central role in the staging of The Great Dictator. He created a series of diverse and elaborate comic characters that play with the film template with a distinct author’s signature.

“With a precise sense of rhythm, he easily transitions between multi-faceted characters and portrays the playful dynamics of burlesque on stage. His performance, seasoned with the right amount of charm and playfulness, demonstrates a masterful mastery of a wide range of different comedic strategies. Through physical comedy, elements of pantomime, skilful playing of speech and emotional registers and the inspired use of slang, unfolded before us the bittersweet complexity of Chaplin’s soul.” it says in the explanation.

Vesna Pernarčič is with the role of Antonia in the production of Everything for free! All for free! performed by the Prešeren Theater in Kranj created a well-rounded and full-blooded acting creation. “In her interpretation, she skilfully plays up various emotional states and skilfully uses the acting tools of comedy. According to the jury, her performance is characterized by a precisely measured rhythm, lively verbal and physical expressiveness, and omnipresent acting pleasure.”

By characterizing a resourceful and daring woman placed in a difficult financial situation, she builds on the specifics of the comic, while never falling into superficiality or stereotyping. With a strong sense of comedy, Vesna Pernarčič created an authentic character that enriches the director’s strategies and supports a harmonious collective play, the jury stated.

Buckwheat Waltz is with the production direction All for free! All for free! proved that she mastered the classic comedy genre. With a precise understanding of the dramatic proposal, she managed, according to the jury, to put together a whole range of effective dramatic situations that hold the viewer’s attention throughout. acting creations.

The play The Great Dictator, directed by Diego de Brea and based on Charlie Chaplin's film of the same name from 1940, came to life on the stage of Ljubljana Drama. Just like Chaplin in the film, Jurij Zrnec will also play the two main roles on stage.  Photo: SNG Drama Ljubljana / Peter Uhan

“At first glance, a simple directorial idea soon turns out to be an extremely effective training ground, which allows the text’s content highlights to shine in all their power. At the same time, he constantly sharpens the socially critical aspects of the dramatic text and compares all comedic situations to today’s times. With his creative in part, it showed that directing a comedy can be multifaceted, in-depth, socially critical and creatively inspiring.” it is also written in the explanation.

“Effective, meaningful and socially critical stage experience”It is a noble comedy chosen by the jury All for free! All for free! performed by PGK. It is a performance that manages to create an effective, meaningful and socially critical stage experience. The simple theater setup enables playful acting creations in which the content of the dramatic proposal can come to life, they wrote in the justification.

With a precise understanding of the text, clearly set stage situations and a dynamic rhythm of the performance, the creators established a narrative about workers who, due to their own economic hardship, decide to engage in civil disobedience, the jury wrote.

31. Days of Comedy brought eight comedy productions last season, with six performances coming from institutional theaters, three being monocomedies, and one based on the original Slovenian text.

Source: Rtvslo

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