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‘Church chickens have arrived…’: Pyrita ‘changes’ items to look like deliveries in Puerto Montt



The ‘na na na’ interpreter joined in on the funny moment and took a short ride in a vehicle where deliveries were made from a facility in Los Lagos, the capital of the state.

Pyrita “changed” her job for several hours, devoting herself to performing the following functions: roast chicken delivery next to a popular restaurant MontportLos Lagos area.

This was evidenced by a record showing the urban singer riding over a car with the company’s logo on it. “your boss” To expedite the delivery of goods.

“Yeah, he’s the best delivery man.” which begins by saying the man behind the camera, a young man from Punta Arenas is seen driving a company car.

“Hey, the order is late, so hurry up.” says the man who appears to be the restaurant manager.

Pyrita, the interpreter for “Na Na Na,” joined us for some funny moments and gave us a brief tour in the car where the delivery takes place.

“Church chickens came…” the artist can be heard saying in the video that he shared a fan page for his music.

Urban Artist Recently Seen embroiled in various controversies Most commented are the conflicts with ex-partners he discussed on social networks.

In addition to this, there was a dead end after Fabrizio Copano successfully demonstrated his humor at the Vina festival. i would have liked to hit him after a joke involving his mother.

Despite this, the singer continues to act and show around the country.

Source: Biobiochile

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