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Jimmy Kimmel didn’t spare Will Smith: The joke that marked the 2023 Oscars monologue



Awards organizers recalled the famous slap Smith gave Chris Rock.

Comedian Jimmy Kimmel, the host of the 95th Academy Awards, took the stage this year by mocking the already “historic” slap from Will Smith to the day’s host, Chris Rock. Gala has started.

“We want you to feel safe, so we have strict rules this time.If anyone in this theater commits a violent act at the gala, they will receive an Oscar for Best Actor and a 19-minute speech. ” said Kimmel, recalling the award Smith achieved as soon as he delivered the attack on The Rock.

“If something unpredictable or violent happens during the ceremony, just like last year, do nothing. ‘ he continued.

Kimmel also warned potential attackers that some “heroes” would come to the rescue this time.

“[Tendrás] He has to get past heavyweight champion Adonis Creed before he can get to me. You’ll have to fight Michelle Yeoh before you can get to me,’ he said. Fabermann will get you involved, and to get to this stage you’ll have to get through my right hand, Guillermo.”

Jimmy Kimmel and Oscar Newcomer

According to EFE Agency, Jimmy Kimmel also emphasized the fact that most of the nominees were selected by the Oscar Academy for the first time in their careers.

“Jamie Lee Curtis, Ana de Armas, Michelle Yeoh and Brendan Fraser are nominated for the first time.

In his monologue, he talked about not only the first-timers to be nominated, but also historical figures like Steven Spielberg, who was the only one to be nominated for 60 years.

He also celebrated musician John Williams, who was nominated again at age 91 and has been nominated 53 times throughout his career, making him the most nominated nominee ever, behind only Wall Disney.

Source: Biobiochile

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