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‘Mandu’ and Scarlet Witch together: Oscars bring together Pedro Pascal and Elizabeth Olsen as presenters



The Chilean-American actor took the stage with Olsen and generated numerous reactions on social networks.

peter pascal Standing on the Oscar stage Elizabeth Olsen presents the category of ‘Best Short Documentary’, in which a work called “Elephant Whisperer”.

“Filmmakers in this category are up to this challenge of dealing with stories in a limited amount of time, rather than being mean,” Olsen said at the beginning of his presentation.

Pascal Supplement: “These restrictions had no effect on the stories they explored.”

Awards were then given to winners in specific categories such as “Haulout” and “How Do You Measure a Year?”

Produced by Netflix, this award-winning documentary follows Bomman and Berry, a South Indian couple who devote their lives to caring for an orphaned elephant named Raghu and build a family like no other.

A few days ago, Pedro Pascal was expected to offer the category at the current awards ceremony. However, it was not known that his partner would become Olsen.

It should be noted that just on this day, The Last of Us’ first season culminated, further boosting the series’ international fame.

Source: Biobiochile

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