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Lady Gaga swapped Versace’s evening gown for sneakers and ripped jeans



She was left without a statuette, but impressed with her emotional performance of the song

Lady Gaga once again attracted attention at the Oscars. But this time not because of the extravagant dress, quite the opposite – she stepped on stage without make-up, in sneakers, torn jeans and a simple black T-shirt and sensually sang the song Hold My Hand.

The 36-year-old singer se it is despite different predictions – busy it is by shooting a movie Joker 2 – attended the awarding of the most important film awards of the year. On the carpet in the color of champagne it is appeared in a dramatic black dress by the fashion house Versace with a sheer top and a very low cut at the back. With a neat hairstyle, strong make-up, earrings and a diamond chain it is looked like out of a box, you gained it is also praised by fashion critics.

On the stage it is then showed her completely different image. When she was invited in front of the cameras to perform her song Hold on My Handwhich it is together with BloodPop wrote for the film Top Gun: Maverick and which it is was also nominated for the best song of the year (she didn’t get the statuette though), many were speechless.

36-year-old it is namely, she performed the song on a darkened stage without special accessories, only with the members of her backing group, and herself it is looked like she was rehearsing in the garage, but not nastop at the Oscars. She showed it is completely natural look, hair it is had braided into a French braid, and carried it is ripped black jeans and a baggy black T-shirt.

The crowd gathered in the hall, it is addressed with the words: “This song it is very emotional for me. I believe we need each other. As we walk through life, we need a lot of love. Heroes they are all around us, we find them in unexpected places, but you may find that you can be yourself own a hero, even if you feel like you’re broken inside.”

The singer, whose real name it is Stephanie Joanne Angelina Germanotta, it is otherwise this time the rest no Oscar, but he already has one. Received it it is in 2019 for best song – this it is became Shallowwhich it is together with Bradley Cooper sang in the movie Star it is born. On the Oscar stage it is also stepped in in 2016 and last year.

Source: Rtvslo

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