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“Chano” Garrido and the first sign that warned him of leukemia: “Burned at night”



A former football player lost his wife to stomach cancer and was diagnosed with leukemia a few years later.

Cancer marked the life of Lizard “Chano” Garrido, idol of the 1991 Copa Libertadores. He first lost his wife to the disease and is now battling leukemia.

The skin injury was the first warning sign the football player had. he told Martín Cárcamo on the De tú a tú programme.

After a series of tests, the diagnosis was clear: leukemia. “When they told me I had blood cancer, I collapsed there and collapsed,” he admitted.

Leukemia symptoms

According to the Mayo Clinic, symptoms of leukemia vary, but some come back.

– fever or chills
– Persistent fatigue, weakness
– Frequent or severe infections
– Lose weight without effort
– swollen lymph nodes, enlarged liver or spleen
– Easy to bleed and bruise
– recurrent nosebleeds
– small red spots on the skin (petechiae)
– Hyperhidrosis, especially at night
– Bone pain and tenderness

The idea of ​​going through what his wife went through was not something he wanted to consider, so he told his children. I don’t want to be here (in the hospital),'” he recalled.

“I told them I was going to see a doctor and have them sent home with some relief. Miriam’s story at the clinic didn’t feel like staying here again. I told my kids I didn’t want to treat myself, I didn’t want to suffer, and they said to me, ‘If you want this, we will honor it,'” he said. I confessed.

But the life and love of his close friends and followers changed his mind. I still can’t believe everyone’s love.”

This is how stem cell therapy in a bone marrow transplant provided by his own daughter María Jose became ‘Chano’ Garrido’s hope of overcoming cancer. I told the doctor that if this hurts her or the daughter she’s breastfeeding, we shouldn’t do it.”

Today, he found that the disease was under control, but had other effects, including “tremor-induced tremors” and taking “12 tablets.”

“Now I’m completely under control, with doctors and chemotherapy drugs every day. Some days I can’t get up and I don’t feel like it, but I feel better. There are no cancer cells in my bone marrow, but this It’s making me very disabled,” he added.

“I fought, I fought for my family and friends, I think I fought for the messages that people gave me. I need the stamina to endure these things that happened to me,” he said.

Lizardo “Chano” Garrido and the Cancer Mark of His Life

All his illnesses made him relive the days he spent with his wife, Miriam, the very pillar of his life who died of cancer.

“I was a little timid because the oncologist should have looked at her and asked him how serious this was. They told me he had lung cancer,” he said.

“When they cut her hair there, it was very difficult for her, very strong. It was brutal. That’s where all the martyrdom began,” he admitted.

Miriam finally passed away in 2018, and the impact on himself was immediate. “After 18 or 20 days, I started feeling intense pain and chest pain. My frightened son told me to go to the doctor’s office. I had a heart attack I was in the clinic for 10 days I absolutely believe it was grief I cried every holy day After the heart attack I continued the same I’m sorry,” revealed the soccer player.

Source: Biobiochile

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