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Short answers and eye rolls – Hugh Grant gave the “worst interview” at the Oscars



The actor gave the impression that he did not want to be at the award ceremony

British actor Hugh Grant gave the “worst interview ever” at the Oscars after he answered model Ashley Graham with monosyllables, before apparently rolling his eyes in front of the camera.

The 62-year-old star it is before the start of the presentation of the most important film awards stopped by Ashley Graham, who it is stopped celebrities on the champagne-colored carpet and chatted briefly with them about their expectations, movies and fashion choices.

While they all answered her kindly, it is Hugh Grant gave the impression that he wanted to be anywhere else at that moment, except in front of the camera. When him it is the model asked what he it is favorite at the Oscars, it is after a long pause he answered: “Really it is amazing… here it is all mankind. Here it is Vanity Fair.” (the name of the magazine, which holds a famous party after the award, and also the title of the famous novel by William Makepeace Thackery, in Slovenian Semenj ničevosti; op. a.).

When him it is Ashley asked what was going on the event the happiest, her it is replied as nonchalantly as possible: “Nothing special.” Ashley it is persisted with questions, she was interested it iswhose designer’s dress she wears. “Just your dress,” you it is read the answer. “Who you it is made a dress, probably it is are you not alone?” “I do not remember, my tailor,” it is Grant kept his answers short.

An actor it is the leader who it is praised his role in the new film, “suppressed” yes “Mrs it is seen on the screen for only three seconds”. Graham it is ended the unusual chat by wishing him to have a good time, and Grant it is at these words he just rolled his eyes and turned away.

Expressions of sympathy for Ashley Graham then appeared on social media, who it is maintained patience and good will, and their conversation was marked as “worst”, “weirdest” and “most unpleasant” interview at the Oscars in history.

British it is then slightly corrected the impression at the award itself, when it is awarded one of the statuettes with an actress Andie MacDowellwith which it is starred in the classic comedy decades ago Four weddings and a funeral. Praised it is her appearance and said yes it is still stunning”, and then pointed to himself and marked himself as “nothing more than a fashionista”. This observation it is caused a roar of laughter in the hall.

Source: Rtvslo

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