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Boric talks about Pedro Pascal’s success, Copano jokes and Camila Vallejo’s marriage



This Monday, President Gabriel Boric was interviewed at Buenos Dias at Todos, the day after his one-year term ended.

One year after taking office, the president Gabriel Bolick Interviewed this Monday morning from La Moneda “Hi guys” There he discussed current political events and various issues such as the jokes he received from Fabrizio Copano in Viña, Pedro Pascal’s success in the United States, and the postponed marriage of spokesperson Camila Vallejo and musician Abel. I mentioned Zikabo.

At the office Simon Oliveros in turn, mentioned his future intentions to become a father. “I want to be a father at some point in my life, but that also means thinking from a shared responsibility (…). It’s hard to think about it because the position exercise today is so tough, but we want it,” he commented.

In another twist to the interview, he also talked about the Chilean-American actor’s success peter pascal last night was one of the presenters for the 2023 Oscar Awards.

“I gave him a quick hello…we will talk one of the weeks. Peter is a great guy. I love him so much…everyone loves him so much.I am very happy with his success,” he said.

Shortly after, Oliveros also asked him about the joke he made Fabrizio Copano During his performance at Vina 2023 and how he adopted the nickname he gave him.

“I laughed. Fabrizio said something that I can’t repeat in exact words because we have different roles. I completely agree,” he said.

“When it comes to humor, it’s important to be able to laugh at yourself and not be serious. Furthermore, he characterized a moment in Chilean society very well, saying, “We choose a person and two minutes later we hate him for the same reasons we chose him. An impatient society has to do with it.” he added.

In another passage of dialogue, he dedicated words about his marriage to a government spokeswoman. Camila Vallejo and a musician Abel Zikabo the celebration was postponed as a result of the fire situation last February.

“As a result of the tragedy, they made the decision to call off the celebration, which I think speaks to their character. We have a great relationship with Camilla, as well as Abel. Sending hugs,” he said.

Source: Biobiochile

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