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Ke Huy Quan and Harrison Ford at Oscars 2023: A touching reunion after nearly 40 years of Indiana Jones



Released in 1984, Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, a film starring Harrison Ford and Ki Hoi Quan reunited at the 2023 Oscar Awards, won Best Supporting Actor. Brendan Fraser (Best Actor award winner for whom he was a partner in “The Man from California”).

Inspirational postcard presented ceremony oscar 2023 after a hug between Jonathan Ke Huy Quan won Best Supporting Actor for “Everything Everywhere All at Once” Harrison Ford whom he shared in “Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom” almost 40 years ago.

same thing repeated Brendan Fraser (won Best Actor for “The Whale”), and made up the cast of the early ’90s film The Man From California as well.

Harrison Ford and Jonathan Ke Huy Quan at the 2023 Oscars

Example of a second chance oscar 2023 after Jonathan Ke Kuan (who had been retired for years) fulfilled the prediction and won the Best Supporting Actor statue for his role in All at Once.

Born in Vietnam as Ke Huy Quan, raised in the United States, and renamed, the interpreter made his film debut in 1984, playing a small short round (Cap) in his second film.of “Indiana Jones” .

completely leading role Ke Huy Quan at just 12 years old, shared a lengthy moment of recording with the hero of the famous saga, Harrison Ford .

Precisely the latter Academy Awards 2023 an award won by a film in which his co-star starred nearly 40 years ago.

in full stage Harrison Ford and Jonathan Ke Kuan They smiled enthusiastically before exchanging a hug that was described as “emotional” on social networks, and their image went viral.

Ke Huy Quan and Brendan Fraser, almost 31 years later

Exactly one year after “Indiana Jones”. Ke Huy Quan She starred in another screen hit, The Goonies, and later, as a teenager, in the same movie. Brendan Fraser “Man from California”.

Nearly 31 years later, after the 2023 Oscars, they both happened to cross paths with a gold statuette.

Source: Biobiochile

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