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Haha Calderón has this to say about the Claudio Reyes attack:



The comedian has announced that he will take legal action against Reyes for his unexpected attack.

The controversy continues after the comedian oscar bargain make sure Claudio Reyes he hit his colleague hard Juan Luis “Haha” Calderon after impersonating the president Gabriel Bolick

This time, it was Calderon who provided details of the incident and announced his actions. “Nothing justifies violence, nothing justifies their actions, but I can’t say it. Justice must say it.”

According to Gangas, the situation occurred Thursday night at a comedian’s social event, where “Jaja” Calderon would have voluntarily impersonated the president, harassing the actor after Charlie Badrake.

“It was very strong,” said Juan Luis. “When (the attack) happened, he was approached and told to apologize, continued the abuse, was aggressive and didn’t understand, so it is justice to determine responsibility,” he ruled. .

Haha Calderon vs Claudio Reyes

The comedian recalled that there was no alcohol on the day of the raid and he was at the head of the table, “and started imitating Boric, the same speech that Boric had given at the United Nations.”

“[Reyes]was a porter. He hit me with his closed hand and hit two other combos, but the fourth didn’t come because he pulled him away. That he knew how to hold himself back.” thank God for,” he said.

“I had a panic attack at 2 in the morning. , I didn’t understand, so I had to take medicine. And it’s all because of the hatred he has for the president that he hasn’t faced any provocation,” he explained.

As Gangas said on TV+’s ‘Follow me and follow you’: And he hits him like Kachamaru (sic), then hits him with two combos, one hits him in the eye.

“I think King Badrake needs treatment,” he added.

Source: Biobiochile

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