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The Management Board of the Prešeren Fund will discuss the Svetlana Makarovič award later this month



In connection with the Rupnik affair, the artist expressed her expectation that the award would be returned to her

The Board of Directors of the Prešeren Fund will get acquainted with the letter of Svetlana Makarovič, which she addressed to the President of the Board of Directors, Jožef Muhovič, later this month. Soon there will be a meeting of the Supervisory Board, at which he will present the letter or its content.

This means that this will be an item on the agenda of the meeting, but how things will develop further is not yet known, he added.

According to Muhovič’s information, Svetlana Makarovič should have sent three “personal letters” to three addresses: the Minister of Culture Asti VrečkoPresident of the DZ Urški Klakočar Zupančič and him. Minister Asta Vrečko also told Mladina about the fact that the Prešeren Fund’s Board of Directors is still deciding on the award.

Muhovič answered the question about the agreement on the method of returning the Prešerno award to Svetlana Makarovič even before the awarding of the Prešerno awards. As he told STA right after it, it can be resolved in two different ways. In order to resolve the issue of the return of rejected awards on a universal level for all possible cases, the law on the Prešeren Award must be amended, and the other option is the lex specialis, which would be accepted only for one case, only for one person.

As he recalled at the time, in the 68 years of awarding Prešeren’s awards, none of the previous Prešeren Fund’s Board of Directors was faced with such a task. In a statement to STA, he also expressed his regret that in this situation, some people thought that the matter could be definitively resolved too soon and too superficially. Even in this particular case, it is considered that a short period of time is a bad legislator.

Svetlana Makarovič expressed her expectation that the Prešeren Award for Lifetime Achievement will be returned to her after rumors about the alleged abuse of Fr. Marko Rupnik and the question of eligibility for the Lifetime Achievement Award, which she herself rejected in 2000 for this very reason.

After the Board of Directors of the Prešeren Fund (UO PS) announced that at the state celebration on February 7, it would stick to the accepted scenario, which does not include the performance of Svetlana Makarović, the artist, who refused the award in 2000, addressed the Prešeren Fund’s Board of Directors a proposal to re-present the award.

Source: Rtvslo

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