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GO!2025 with fewer jobs than planned and a representative of the ministry on the board of the institute



At the initiative of the Ministry of Culture, the decree on the establishment of a public institution was amended

The municipality of Nova Gorica changed the decree on the establishment of the Institute GO!2025 – European Capital of Culture, which will henceforth have eight members. This public institution will get three additional jobs this year, but the total will be less than originally planned.

The decree establishing the Institute GO!2025 – European Capital of Culture was changed at the initiative of the Ministry of Culture, as it, as the majority co-financier of the project, wanted to have its own representative on the board of the institute, Karin Zorn Čebokli reported for Radio Slovenia.

Two assistant directors and the museum’s business managerThe Novogoriška city councilors also approved this year’s personnel plan for this institute, which, however, brings fewer jobs than planned. According to the director of the Institute GO!2025 – European Capital of Culture Gorazda Christmas the institute will get three additional jobs this year. “It is an assistant director for general financial and legal affairs, an assistant director who will cover the music department, and a business manager EPICthis one the future of the cross-border museum with a view of history from both sides of the border, which is supposed to be in a warehouse next to the railway station,” he said Christmas.

Instead of the planned 20, only 15 employeesThe institute will thus have 15 employees by the end of the year, although the plans from 2020 envisaged more than 20 employees. “Unfortunately, we are subject to the dynamics of financing, which is included in the long-term plans of development programs, both of the municipality and the state, and with all the increases in salary grades and also because our jobs are for a certain time, we have exceeded the limit that was planned in 2020. I hope, also in light of the latest talks with the municipality, that we will together approach the government and succeeded achieve any changes or additional financing,” said the director of the institution.

Gorazd It's Christmas

There is a need for even more important personnelThe city councilors approved Božič as director of the institute last September, then when has been leading the institution as acting director since June. According to him, we would need a few more project managers, a bookkeeper, an organizer, a producer and a coordinator. “These additional jobs are necessary, at least in the second half of the year, otherwise we will come to 2025 unprepared,” he concluded Christmas.

The Novogoriška city council is expected to get acquainted with the report on the previous work of the GO!2025 institute at the next meeting, Radio Slovenija also reported.

Source: Rtvslo

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