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Missed the 2023 Oscars? Where and how to watch the ceremony and red carpet streaming again



The red carpet and Oscar 2023 awards ceremony were filled with iconic moments. HBO Max has announced that he will be able to watch the event stream on his platform for three consecutive days, so don’t worry if you lose them.

Missed the 2023 Oscars? No problem, the ceremony and red carpet will be available again on the streaming platform for three consecutive days.

It is worth remembering that the award ceremony of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciencesheld this Sunday at the Dolby Theater in Los Angeles, USA.

Where and how can I watch the 2023 Oscar Awards?

At the 95th Awards Ceremony, many scenes that remain in the history of cinema were experienced. oscar 2023 an example that many people could not see even though it was broadcast on TV or the Internet.

However, moviegoers can relive the awards ceremony.
HBO Max announced that it will be available on the platform on Monday, March 12th, Tuesday, March 14th, and Wednesday, March 15th.

In this way, those who missed the ceremony for three days will be able to relive the moment when the most moving speeches, the appearance of Pedro Pascal, the musical presentation and the winners of each category were announced. oscar award .

Please note that the application allows you to choose between the original version of the audio in English and simultaneous translation into Spanish so that you can watch it live and directly.

Can you see the award ceremony red carpet?

But not only the repetition of the ritual of delivery, oscar 2023 You can watch it on any streaming platform HBO Max I can see the red carpet too.

The pre-show “Punto de encuentro”, which contains all the scenes and interviews before the award ceremony, will also be released for three days.

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