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Chilevisión has been fined for publishing the phone number of Mira Correa’s lawyer in “Primer Plano”.



Years have passed since the episode in question aired, but a court of appeals in Santiago finally ordered the television station to pay the former Chica’s real-life lawyer P2 million after his phone number was exposed on screen. I ordered.

Golden time entertainment program 7 years ago chili vision , foregrounddealing with severance Jose Luis Concha (Junior Playboy) and Camila “Mira” Correa At the time, bitter rivalries between the former real-life boys also created financial and legal problems, which led to fines for the channel.

The TV face mentioned issues with her ex-partner, the show’s host, He took the phone and was able to see the messages regarding both financial issues.At that moment the camera captured the screen containing the text and phone number of Correa lawyer Felipe Gonzalez San Martín .

After this situation, the professional was targeted with several harassing calls and messages at inappropriate times and decided to go to court.

now, seven years later , A court of appeals in Santiago ruled in his favor and awarded him 2 million pesos in damages. website, to “titles for non-property damages, and readjustments and legal benefits.” power of attorney.

Gonzalez San Martín and The episode will be removed from the Chilevisión website However, where I can find his contact number, his name is not listed and I decided to change my phone number. this appeal was dismissed .

Source: Biobiochile

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