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‘Hopelessly devoted’ at the Oscars: John Travolta’s emotional tribute to Olivia Newton-John



The actor was responsible for leading a posthumous tribute to the actor who died last year at the Oscars ceremony this Sunday night. could not be hidden.

The Film Academy Awards Ceremony was held this Sunday night. Michelle Yeoh and Brendan Fraser She won Best Actress and Best Actor, respectively. Tribute to this artist who passed away in 2022 What a moving moment that happened!

annual tribute held at oscar award was in this edition John Travolta (pulp fiction), I was in charge of giving a commemorative lecture and introducing guest artists.

But at the same time, he had to pay tribute to a friend and colleague who passed away last August. olivia newton john .

In this industry, you have the rare luxury of doing what you love for a living, and sometimes doing it with the people you love. Since tonight is a celebration (…) it is appropriate to celebrate what we have lost,” the hero began. grease.

He continues: they are the people to whom we are hopelessly devoted “Travolta said, referring to Olivia’s song. ‘Hopelessly devoted’.

With tears in his eyes and his voice broken with obvious signs of sadness, the actor turned to the musical number. Lenny Kravitz A picture of the deceased artist was projected onto a large screen behind them.

Things to remember John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John They shared the cast of the hit musical movie “Glitter Grease” where they became best friends.Unfortunately, the actress and singer passed away in August 2022 after development breast cancer .

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