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‘It wasn’t a big deal’: ‘Kiwi’ criticizes Pamela Leyva’s abrupt departure from TVN after kissing her without consent



A communicator claimed from the channel, “They corrupted me.”

Three weeks after appearing in one of the controversial TV coverages of the Viña del Mar festival, Arturo Walden, better known as “El Kiwi,” ‘stole’ a kiss from comedian Pamela Leyva. You commented on your abrupt departure from TVN. I assure you it was “no big deal”.

in a conversation with timethe communicator recounted his experience as a reporter for TVN, recalling how he spent that moment with Leyva before leaving him in the morning. Hi guys 2 days later.

“It wasn’t a big deal. It’s been a few weeks and I’m still thinking the same thing.” he pointed out from the beginning, assuring, “I was wrong, but they corrupted me.”

I never thought it would end like this I cried a lot, but I have no choice but to turn the page,” he commented in a conversation with Sergio Maravori.

‘Kiwi’ story about kissing Pamela Leiva

According to Walden, he was in charge of building a mobile with Leyva to discuss winning at Quinta Vergara. ’ and he went to the place.

He then asserted that he hadn’t heard back from the producers about how to make the mobile first thing in the morning. So he decided to contact her by her personal number. she agreed to go out for an interview.

According to Walden, he never saw Leyva and Gonzalo Valenzuela kiss at a festival and heard what they said in the morning, I wanted to joke about it.

“So I said, ‘Kiss me,’ and turned my head to the camera and said, I think I blew his nose.i didn’t even kiss him And I’m back,” he said.

Walden then recalls: I asked for forgiveness, we laugh and shit and carry on.

However, the next day he reported his comments on social networks. He asked the producers what to do, but got no answer. He wanted to speak to the national media about his version of the event.

‘Kiwi’ and tvN withdrawal

That same day, the communicator assured him that he had advised him not to go to Quinta Vergara to “protect” him. The next day Walden continued with his routine, His boss told him he would not be in touch and would speak at noon.

“One afternoon they knocked on my door. The producer who was working with us on Viña wants to talk to me. ” he explained, assuring that he never mentioned who and what they would talk about.

“They took me to a room with two beds and a table in the middle. Only one central light was missing and that’s it (…) They were going to pay me until the day and I told them ‘they can’t scratch that much’ (sic), I couldn’t believe it,” he recalled.

“The only thing missing was that they took me by bus to Santiago. I felt humiliated, they cut off my hand. ” deadly.

“Why didn’t they call me on kiss day? It happened because it was in the newspaper. If (the media) don’t say anything, there’s no problem.” he argued.

Despite his bitter departure from tvN, ‘Kiwi’ has assured that he has decided to move forward.

Source: Biobiochile

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