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‘So he beheaded you’: Nicole Gaultier and Felipe Romain star in a dancing accident



The dancers starred in the first choreography of the night, but the final pirouette injured dancer Felipe Romain, leaving Nicole Gaultier worried for a few seconds, not knowing what to do on stage.

Nicole Gaultier performs with partner dancer Felipe Romain after minor accident here you dancewhen they starred in the first dance of the night, choreographed to the rhythm of on the radio.

The choreography arose spontaneously, but ended up with Romain and Gaultier They performed a pirouette in which Romain took his partner and rolled.

But after the song ended Gaultier quickly turns around to see his partner, who reacts by grabbing his nose. .

So while Sergio jokes about the wigs that the attendees threw on set, he watches the couple move sideways after Gaultier hugs his partner.

Therefore, Romain takes a handkerchief, turns his back to the camera, Wipe your nose as a sign of injury .

“Are you okay Philip? A little water? What’s wrong? If you don’t mind, I’m going to ask the paramedics to meet him. ” responds to Sergio Lagos trying to understand what happened.

“It looks like a hump, Nicole. It’s a coup, they control it.” then informs the contestants that she was left alone on stage, and the contestants look around worriedly.

“Good evening, Juror, colleague. i want to know if felipe is ok that bothers me,” Gaultier responded.

“are you OK. They’re checking it, nothing to worry about. However, I am being examined by a doctor. It was a hit, right? ‘ replied Lagos.

maybe i hit him it wasn’t safe hair,” he added, as Romain returned to the stage.

“Don’t worry, just imagine. If he gets sick, who will pick him up after that? ” ‘ she replied, somewhat relieved.

Then, halfway through her qualifier, Karen Connolly turned to Roman to highlight the final part of the choreography. Then he cut off your neck. ” said the dancer.

At his comment, Román burst into laughter and replied: But it was a small blow, not a serious one.” .

Source: Biobiochile

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