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‘They were on edge’: Arón Piper explains the most difficult part of recording Sayen in southern Chile



In a conversation with BioBioChile, various interpreters of the tape highlight the main challenges of recording in Araucania. But both Chileans and Spaniards allowed the cold to mark their memories when it came to recalling the recordings.

Earlier in March, Amaron Prime Video released Sayén, the first Chilean action movie featuring Spanish actors Alon Piper and Roberto Garcia as villains. A trilogy that began in southern Chile And we hope to continue in new parts of the country.

Among the biggest challenges, the film’s protagonist comments: BioBio Chile Everything is seen between the climatic complexity of recording in extreme climates and the impact of recording in the midst of a pandemic.

“I remember it was like a reality show,” emphasizes Eduardo Pacseko. “We were in Covid. We couldn’t leave the hotel. The only way was to go to the recording and We were supposed to leave at 5 in the morning in -4 degrees. We filmed until dark at 6 and then went back to the hotel and it was a lot of fun,” he recalls.

One person who can’t forget that low temperature is Spain’s Roberto Garcia. He has been called an expert on fight scenes by the rest of the cast. At that moment, the cold was his main enemy.

Specifically, he recalls one of the fight scenes with Laren Montenegro in hand-to-hand combat in the middle of the Araucanian forest.

“It was a sequence that cost me. It didn’t seem like much work, but it took a lot of time to get that choreography.” he recalls, recalling that the bamboo poles they fought “inflicted a lot of damage, had to deliver very controlled blows, and had a very painful fall.”

Lesions appear immediately in the cold , breaks, there were a lot of things. But there were some highly trained professionals who were known for these weapons and taught us how to control everything,” he adds.

Despite admitting that he had an injury, he also points out that there was a detail he liked about the Chilean delivery. Apart from It was a very cold and difficult day, but we had a great time. ” .

“TRUE, how difficult was the action in that weather I always had to warm up before shooting, but I didn’t have time to prepare my muscles,” he explained, noting that although he had warmed up, he was already cold by the time of the shoot. Guaranteed.

Arón Piper also emphasized those temperatures in his on-set experience, saying that they “The hardest and most rewarding thing at the same time.”

“These were extreme situations: It snowed, it rained, all we had was a small tent with a heater Imagine being in a muddy environment and playing with the possibility of falling and injuring yourself. It was hard, but it was also rewarding,” he says.

In addition to recording for the first time in southern Chile, Piper also emphasized: Sayen As Opportunity to become an enemy character highlighting his first time in an action movie.

“It was something I wasn’t used to. It was a challenge and It is a character that helps you transition to a more adult character. ” mentioned.

Regarding her performance in the action scenes, Piper recalls “having a team behind the experts who used the weapons and taught us the choreography.”

However, also Garcia’s support stands out when you want to perform physically “So I took advantage of that and said, ‘I’m with this guy (Garcia) with such big muscles, so I’m going to follow in his footsteps in the next two months,'” he said. recalls.

“He put me on a diet and I gained nearly 10 kilograms.” , he emphasized between laughter. “It was a lot for me. And it was fun. It was nice to be in shape and ready for the scene,” he says.

In that brunch, Pakseko states that initially there was physical training with the entire cast, but Laren Montenegro had to take extra classes shortly afterward because the protagonist is only a Mapuche warrior. said.

“I work with experts and I am very happy to think that the two of us created Sayén. ” , referring to Montenegro. “That process was so good because I usually do it alone and working with another person to enhance the character was so good for me,” she says.

“anyway, We were lucky to have Roberto actually do a lot of the work and Aron to do this handling on camera. ” Paxeco adds, noting that the Spaniard ultimately helped enable the Chilean to thrive in the action genre.

Sayen Directed by Alexander Witt and produced by Fabra, Pablo Larrain, Juan de Dios Larrain and Rocío Hadue.

The story follows Saien, a Mapuche woman, when she returns to live with her grandmother, when a multinational corporation seeks to purchase her grandmother’s land in order to develop it both in southern Chile and in various parts of the globe. I discovered that there is .

By refusing to sell the land, Sayen’s family ends up being murdered. A young woman must face a conspiracy that the same businessman has begun to unleash and seek her revenge.

Source: Biobiochile

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