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Jubilee Trilingual Festival of the Komigo Comedy Theater



The 20th Komigo Festival takes place between March 14 and June 6

This year’s Komigo festival is the 20th in a row and brings seven subscription evenings and a series of other events, such as meetings with authors and concerts.

Festival March 14 the screening of a silent comedy film opens What happened this jones? (Whatever Happened to Jones?), and it will close June 6 with comedy Slovene and a half.

Before that, the following comedies will be shown: March 28 Boyhood and 12. in April Mine life it is rock control. 23. in April follows An explosive concert with humor. A special award show will be held on the 18th. in Aprilwhen they will Miran Košuta and Jani Kovačič presented a unique musical event Giorgio Gabersqueal). There will be a show in May Antennae and comedy Pamela.

Out of subscription Come on 2023, which one this year’s program is held under the motto Laughter is the best therapy in the worldthe group’s concerts are also announced Help!singers from Gori Tishgroups Toys – Tribute to Freddie Mercurygroups Vedun from Ljubljana, opera La server padrona Academies from Križ and the meeting with authors, at which a Friulian writer will be a guest Angelo Floramo.

All performances with except one, 23. in April in SNG Nova Gorica, will be performed on the stage of the large hall of the Gorica Cultural Center.

The central theme of the 20th festival Come on – Comedy theater in Italian, Slovenian and Friulian – there will be comedy. Comedy theater has this special power of being direct communicative regardless of the language he uses. According to the organizers, the audience to which the project is addressed is Italian, Slovenian and Friuli, or any other.

At the same time, they added that it is Come on in the nineteen performances so far, a unique, trilingual festival in Goriška with the subtitle Take time for laughter, which soul music regularly enjoyed flattering success and aroused considerable interest, both among the wider Goriška, Zamej, like also to Slovenian audiences on the other side of the border.

As they also explained, theater activity and theater art are very felt and strongly present, either in Italian or Slovenian culture. It is therefore natural that it is strong and alive within the framework of the Slovenian minority in Italy and the Italian minority in Slovenia and among the Friuli community.

The development of a common Europe depends on respecting the cultural diversity of its members. The varied European cultural diversity is rooted in the rich and varied European linguistic “property”. Encourage knowledge among people of different linguistic identities means helping to increase social tolerance and cross-border and intercountry cooperation, added the organizers.

The only trilingual comedy theater festival in Slovenia like It was created in Italy in 2004 as part of Interreg Italy – Slovenia.

The project is being created under the leadership of the Gorica Cultural Center in cooperation with the Slovenian Permanent Theater (SSG) from Trieste, the SNG Nova Gorica theater, the Glasbena matica (Trieste, Gorica, Venečija), the association Kudus or to the Nova Gorica Cultural Center, the Santa Croce Music Academy from Križ, the Society of Venetian Fine Artists from Špet, the Agency PijaR (Preddvor – Kranj) and several cultural societies: KD Sovodnje, KD Briški grič Števerjan, KD Jadro (Ronke), Oton Župančič Štandrež and the Kras Wind Orchestra iwith Doberda.

The sponsors of the project are the municipalities of Gorica, Nova Gorica (EPK 2025), Sovodnje ob Soči and Doberdob and the Slovenian Cultural and Economic Association, which is one of the umbrella organizations of the Slovenian indigenous national community in Italy.

Source: Rtvslo

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