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Avril Lavigne to naked activist: “Get off the stage!”



Strange scenes at the Canadian Music Awards

At the Canadian Juno Music Awards, a naked environmental activist stormed the stage during singer Avril Lavigne’s speech. The star first kept calm blood, and then said something juicy to the uninvited guest.

While she is a singer Avril Lavigne addressed fans at the 2023 Juno Awards, a naked environmental activist stormed the stage with a message written on her back “Let’s save the green belt.” Most likely, the activist was referring to the controversial plans of the Ontario authorities regarding the construction of more than 50,000 new homes.

At first, the 38-year-old star did not let herself be confused and continued her speech as if nothing unusual had happened. After a few moments, however, she gave the intruder something juicy. “Ohdj*** from the stage, she snapped and waved at the unusual guest. In the meantime, the security guards had already rushed to the stage and took the woman off the stage. Lavigne later joked again when she spoke on stage for a second time, this time after accepting the award: “No one should try anything this time.”

The purpose of the activist

Authorities in the province of Ontario have approved the destruction of nearly thirty square kilometers of protected area greenbelt, they want to build these lands with residential buildings and thus enable more than 50,000 new homes. After loud criticism from conservationists, the actions of provincial leaders were also scrutinized by Ontario’s auditor general.

Among the award winners this year, the singer made a big splash The Weeknd, who became the second-most Juno-winning musician of all time. With 22 awards, he surpassed the eternal Celine Dion and Bryan Adams, and is two awards short of catching the country singer Anne Murray.

Source: Rtvslo

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