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Emmanuel Torres lives uncomfortable moments, goes blank on ‘Here you dance’: ‘It was embarrassing’



While dancing with his duo Daniela Acevedo on “Aquí se baila,” the Mexican forgot the choreography and went blank. The jury was relentless in the face of the mess.

Last night in a new chapter of elimination “Dance here” 7 couples facing the sound of disco music, among them Emmanuel Torres and Daniela Acevedo But the duo didn’t have a good day.During the presentation, the interpreter went blank, which was proven by the jury.

In the middle of the show, I was dancing to the song “September” by Earth, Wind & Fire. At that moment, the Mexican completely forgot about the choreography, which surprised those who were in the studio.

Asked about it by Sergio Lagos, the young man confessed that he had prepared “very high” because he never imagined they would be eliminated.

The jury took the plunge against Emmanuel.

Anibal Paciano was the toughest: “I was embarrassed” He emphasized that this cannot happen among professionals. Neilas gave it a 1 and Aníbal said he gave it a 1 “when it should have been 0”.

This added only 3 points in total and Emmanuel Torres had to define his persistence in the final showdown with the lowest rated and second worst result. Rocío Marengo 14 points.

In this example, during that 45 seconds, Rocío danced Luis Fonsi’s “Despacito”. Emmanuel then presents Il Volo’s interpretation of “Il Mondo”, and during jury deliberations, Paciano announces that Emmanuel did not agree to change between the presentation and the final duel. I asked to speak for

At the conclusion of the chapter, Emmanuel won the jury with a “split decision”. Second excluded from the program was Rocío Marengo .

Source: Biobiochile

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