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Adam Levine 2.0: Chileans attack Ethan Van Sciver in unison after mocking Pedro Pascal



The Marvel and DC Comics artist pitted himself against a Chilean actor he called a “fat coward” after the Oscars ceremony. Despite a wave of Chilean comments on the cartoonist, the subject matter did not stop, encouraging internet users to find a “better hero.”

cartoonist behind x men and flash, Ethan Van Cyber A new target for “recipes” and comments from Chileans on social networks. This is because the artist criticized the actor. Peter Pascal.

During the broadcast of the Oscars ceremony this past Sunday, the cartoonist, along with other viewers, used his Twitter account to share his thoughts. The moment Pascal took the stage to present the award with Elizabeth Olsen, Van Sciver took down due to an old altercation that occurred during that time. Mandalorian.

The controversy that erupted during the series refers to the occasion when actress Gina Carano asserted that Republicans (the political party) were just as “damaged” as the Jews murdered in Germany.

After these statements, the studio decided to fire her without further explanation.Pascal was one of those who did not mention the subject.

Because of this, the cartoonist wrote on his Twitter account: “Oh, this is an idiot. Thank you for staying with Gina, you flabby coward.” Soon, his tweets started filling up with comments from Chileans. Chileans wrote thousands of recipes and other phrases in Spanish in the purest “Adam Levine” style. There are already over 3000 comments.

The next day, Ethan Van Sciver tried to redeem himself by apologizing after criticizing Pedro Pascal. What’s interesting. my mistake”. But the Chilean didn’t stop and continued to criticize him and comment on the preparations in new tweets. Or ask Maroon 5 and Adam Levine. ”

Later that day, the cartoonist regretted his apology and again accused the Chilean. I think these crazy Chilean Twitter mobs attacked Maroon 5’s Adam Levine three years ago for not putting on a good show. And now they are “attacking” me for calling Pedro Pascal a fat coward. Carano’s Freedom of Expression”.

He added: Everyone knows it to be true. sorry Sorry! Guys, get better heroes. ” hill.

Source: Biobiochile

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