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Radio Games: Be yourself – there are so many others



Radio games between March 13 and 19

“After listening to the story, the listeners will be richer for the realization that it is worth persevering in life and allowing yourself to be who you are,” emphasizes Alen Jelen, the director of one of the radio games that you can listen to these days.

This pre-spring selection of radio games focuses on the question of identity and the placement of the individual in the complex fabric of society.

The world through blind eyes: Louder than lightRadio is a medium through which we realize again and again how valuable unhindered auditory perception is, as the ability to hear and listen triggers streams of thought, enables ever-new associations and opens up new knowledge about the world around us. Hearing is often understood by full-sensory individuals as a self-evident component of everyday life with a communicative function, Tuesday’s radio game Louder than light and on the First, it sheds light on hearing as a fundamental sense that blind and partially sighted individuals rely on in their everyday lives. Author and director Polona Sosič in her documentary debut and graduation work – at the Ljubljana Academy of Theatre, Radio, Film and Television she graduated in the first place Aleš Jana and Borut Trekman – went to the streets of Ljubljana together with blind individuals and recorded their narratives and feelings about the world, which they see and shape through sound perceptions. The radio documentary is thus a valuable insight into the everyday life of individuals with visual impairment and an opportunity to reflect on a vulnerable group, within which, according to estimates, between eight and ten thousand people in Slovenia have severe visual impairment, and between 30 and 40 thousand people with more serious visual impairment .

The second part of the Dryad trilogy and a hymn tragedy about the poetThe radio plays on the Ars Program each deal in their own way with the motif of poetry and the position of the often misunderstood individual in a ossified society. On Monday, the second part of the radio trilogy was broadcast Dryad directed Rosanda Sajko with Title Glasses. In the first part of the radio poem with the title Bunnies the oak fairy woke up in 1930 during the Ljubljana Fair and saved the poet from suicide, but this time she will wake up in 1959 and go on a trip around Ljubljana. If the first part of the Dryad ended with stars and a thousand suns, this one ends with a living stomach. Playwright and poet Gregor Strniša in his works, he perceived man as a small part of the universe, and through symbols and metaphysics he explored the individual’s complex inner world, which is a feature of his entire literary oeuvre, and not least of many of his texts, which have become part of the rich heritage of Slovenian singers.

This week’s radio play set ends Andrei Chenier Slovenian playwright Ivan the Dark, which will be broadcast on Thursday evening, also on the Ars Program. The rich and verbose historical drama is part of the playwright’s cycle about the French Revolution Revolutionary tetralogywhich also consists of tragedies Mirabeau, Marat and Robespierre. The tetralogy is a part of the opus of Mrak’s hymn tragedies, a genre that he developed for most of his writing and creative career and with which he wanted to tighten the idea of ​​classical tragedy with the motif of death as salvation from the inevitable tragedy of life. Ivan Mrak also used this principle of gradation in the text of the radio play: during the French Revolution and the bloody terror of the radical Jacobin concept, the disillusioned poet protagonist gradually turns away from his fervent support for his friend Robespierre, as he realizes the extent of the revolution’s aggressive uncompromisingness. With the character of Andrej Chenier, the playwright places a clairvoyant poet alongside the hero of the revolution as a messenger of a higher destiny, who, as a result, awaits a tragic end or salvation from a tragic world.

Special slot of short radio playsThe mid-term of the short radio play will be marked by a special extended show – listeners will be able to listen to the presentation of the new audio book of the drama actor’s autobiographical novel along with the short radio play. Evgeni Carja with Title My story. The presentation event, which took place on March 6 in Studio 1 of Radio Slovenia, was accompanied by a talk by the director of the soundtrack Alena Jelena with Evgen Carje, who tells us in his life story with a subtitle Only a fool thinks everyone has to love him it leads through the adventure of a lifetime across stage boards, movie screens, as well as fields and vineyards. The actor, who created most of his roles in the City Theater of Ljubljana, built a monument to a life full of heart-felt moments and everyday challenges with Moja kostava, which Car tackles with unwavering will and humor – one of his past challenges was also reading own novel for a new audiobook. Director Alen Jelen added during the screening: “After listening to the story, the listeners will be richer for the knowledge that it is worth persevering in life and allowing yourself to be who you are.” My story is available for listening in the show Open Book, which is broadcast from Monday to Friday at 7 p.m. on the Ars Program, and from March 6, the soundtrack is also available for purchase on the ZKP RTV Slovenia website. The presentation show will be complemented by a short radio play selected by the Editorial Board of the feature program, in which we will also be able to listen to Evgen Car.

On Saturday evening, a short radio play will be broadcast on the First Program Tom Kočar This parking lot is mine. In a few minutes, the comic satire in the letters unfolds a well-known and often frustrating phenomenon in the urban environment – the ownership of parking spaces and the resulting inter-neighborhood conflicts that have been interpreted Gregor Čusin, Ivan Rupnik and Saša Mihelčič.

Which of the bunnies has the nicest nursery?During the children’s radio game show, young listeners will be able to listen to a fun game about a special event organized by the bunnies from Rabbit Village. The author of many games for children Irena Androjna is in the game White bunny, yellow bunny wrote a story about a competition to see which of the bunnies will have the most beautiful flower garden. The only two who do not want to take part in the competition are the white rabbit Snow White and the yellow rabbit Zlatko, but even otherwise the competition seems to cause quite a lot of fun local arguments… The director of the radio game was Rojc bulletand in addition to the colorful group of bunnies, they interpreted the title roles of the bunnies Snow White and Goldie Maja Končar and Ales Valič.

Listeners can also listen to the broadcast radio games in the radio game podcasts on the Prve and Ars websites and on the RTV 365 portal. playback.

Schedule of radio games between March 13 and 19
Monday, March 13 Radio game 22.05 (Ars) – Gregor Strniša: Dryad (part 2 – Kozarci)

Tuesday, March 14Radio game 21.05 (First) – Polona Sosič: Louder than light

Wednesday, March 15 Short radio play 13.05 (Ars) – Presentation of the audio book My Story and a short radio play selected by the Editorial Board of the feature program

Thursday, March 16Radio game 22.05 (Ars) – Ivan Mrak: Andrej Chenier

Saturday, March 18 Short radio game 22:40 (Prvi) – Tomo Križnar: This parking lot is mine

Sunday, March 19Radio game for children 08.05 (First) – Irena Androjna: White rabbit, yellow rabbit

Source: Rtvslo

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