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Belén Mora hits out at colleagues after controversial show at Vina: ‘They no longer count on me’



The comedian sent several messages addressed to his colleagues after his regular visit to Viña 2023.

Belén Mora He exploded a few weeks after a show at the Viña del Mar festival, where he ended his routine in a fiasco.

through the story of Instagramthe comedian directly alluded to several colleagues, referring to events that occurred in the past without mentioning their names.

“Thank you to those who send me love and good vibes. I also want to thank those who sent me hate messages and emails. To those who kicked me right after I wished them success. Thank you to those who joked about me.” Express.

“Thank you to those who have used me. To a fellow comedian who disappeared as quickly as before asking me to open a show. Thanks to all of you, the way I see things has changed. No, they don’t count on me anymore. My priority now is me. Deal with it (deal with it),” he added.

Belén Mora criticizes colleague

Belén Mora at Viña 2023

don’t go any further in a few days Fabrizio Copano When he laughed, he hinted at a ‘salad joke’ in his Viña 2023 routine Gonzalo Valenzuela.

Note that at a press conference that night, Belén Mora said he had calmed down after doing the show.

“Tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, and for a long time, they will judge me for this presentation. “He has given many successful presentations before,” he said.

“And looking back at this final presentation requires humility, honesty and maturity, but I think it’s too hasty to do it now.

Source: Biobiochile

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