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The producer of the show Dnevnica accused Rambo Amadeus of sexual harassment



She hadn’t felt this helpless in a long time

The producer of the Montenegrin national television RTCG, Lejla Kašić, publicly accused the Montenegrin musician Antoni Pušić, better known under the pseudonym Rambo Amadeus, of sexual harassment. The musician has already responded, but does not deny the controversial act.

The producer of the TV show Dnevnica on RTCH accused the musician of harassing her during the filming of the Dnevnica show in Herceg novi. “Yesterday, during the recording of the episode of Dnevnica, I experienced sexual harassment by our guest, a great intellectual, a regionally well-known and influential person, a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador Antonija Pušić, known under a pseudonym Rambo Amadeus, Kašić wrote on Instagram. On Monday, Kašić also filed a complaint for sexual harassment, the police department announced.

The producer did not want to talk about the details either on social networks or in the media, but she explained to the Serbian portal Nova.rs that it was “inappropriate and unauthorized touching of an intimate part of the body”. She also wrote on Instagram that she rarely felt as helpless as she did while filming the show.

Unicef ​​already announced on Sunday that they have suspended cooperation with Pušić until further notice. “Unicef ​​has a zero-tolerance policy for any form of sexual misconduct because it goes against Unicef’s core values.” they added.

The author and editor of the show Dnevnica also spoke Vladan Otašević. He wrote on the Facebook social network that the musician’s behavior at the end of the recording of the show was not worthy of a UNICEF ambassador, and emphasized that in front of them was a completely different person compared to the one they had been filming all day, reports STA.

Rambo Amadeus: “sexist maybe, sexual no”

Meanwhile, Antonije Pušić also responded to the accusations. In his explanation of the events, he stated that during the recording of the final show Dnevnica, he was in a bad mood all day, because he inadvertently fell into a show that did not correspond to his beliefs in any way. He didn’t want the final show with a charity note to publicly film the family he helps and thereby deepen the stigma. “It felt horrible and raw to me.

I couldn’t understand that this could be interesting to someone.” he said and added that he was disgusted by the false moralizing in the show, which, in his opinion, only wants to take advantage at the expense of humanitarianism. “The fact is that the main sponsor of the show is a company that owns sports betting shops. These are currently one of the biggest problems in our country and lead to poverty,” he warned.

After providing context, he also responded to allegations of sexual harassment. “When we were approaching the house of a socially disadvantaged family, I punched her on the buttocks completely unplanned,” he said, adding that it was his last desperate attempt to tell the producer that she forced him into a humiliating position, and that his actions may have been sexist, but they weren’t sexual. “No one saw it, not even she told me anything. I could deny it, but I don’t want to lie,” said the Montenegrin.

Source: Rtvslo

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