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Miley Cyrus is crying over Kendall Jenner for defending Selena Gomez



Miley was on high alert and Selena knew how to thank her.

Miley was on high alert and Selena knew how to thank her.

suit between Miley Cyrus and one of the Kardashian sisters, Kendall JennerThe Vanity Fair party will take place after the Oscars, reports Elle magazine.

It all goes back years when Selena Gomez She was Justin Bieber’s girlfriend. After their breakup, the singer began a relationship with model Hailey Baldwin, a close friend of the Kardashians, which is why it was always said that the Kardashians hate Selena.

For this reason, last week when Miley, who is close friends with Selena, met Kendall at a party, she allegedly went to Kendall to tell her that she was a bad person and that Bullying was so wrong… Being with @*&% people is not good… According to some attendees at the event, Kendall ended up crying.

Source: Diario.Elmundo

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