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Karol Lucero responds to accusations from ex-partners: ‘If it helps them do what they want’



The ex-Ingo boy referenced a controversy he was involved in after revealing that one of his ex-partners had been contacting her even though they were about to get married.

Recently, Karol Lucero, also known as “Karol Dance”, was accused by his ex-partner Jadranka Tomic. Jadranka Tomic said the former mega-entertainer was engaged and had contacted her for her “adrenaline dose” weeks after her marriage. .

According to a message shared by Tomic, Lucero in question wanted something ‘not conspicuous’ and ‘wanted to do something crazy’ with her.

“It’s not that hard to understand that I have a partner and that what I’m doing is very dangerous. I don’t want it to be known. ”, read one of the messages.

Similarly, Natalia “Alenita” Rodriguez also came to the fore and was in a relationship with him when she was in a youth program Ingo.

Rodriguez was consulted about the Karol Lucero controversy through a few questions on Instagram and responded:The truth is that I am not at all surprised I find it very difficult for bad people to change. ”

Karol Lucero responds to accusations

Faced with such a statement, the aforementioned took some time to leave him a short message about it. instagram storieshe had already shared the controversial images, pointing out that they were “fake” (fake).

Additionally, he shared an image of Tomic and Rodriguez being characterized as “Monas”.Ultimately, it doesn’t matter.Out of respect and decency, I never refer to others even if they lie and invent things,” he said.

Finally, he assured me that he was not affected by the situation and that he would continue with his life.I go my own way if it helps them do what they want ‘, he declared.

Karol Lucero Responds to His Ex
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